🗳️ SYS -9/19/19 - Theme: Business Meeting!

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This news dropped yesterday on IG -

So there we have it.  The long awaited Business Meeting SYS is at hand!  Here's the Banner with all the Details!

Well......Almost all the details. We'll still need spoilers, and that's where you dolls come in.  We'll get someone special to open the thread for us, and then it's time for us to politely and colorfully chant and beg for spoilers.     The Banner reminds us of the answers to our 2 most asked questions.  How many free tickets does Glu give us (14) and how much do we need to earn the last wardrobe items from the SYS. The Answer?  575 Points + (Trendsetters can go higher, so that why it says 575 pts + )
Let's talk about and obsess about what we'll style our dolls in for Business Meeting.  I swear a lot of our bigger purses look fab for like an attache, or briefcase.  And not trying to confuse the issue.....but we've all seen Dinner meetings, lunch meetings, and plain old Office Meetings.  So have fun and let's get things started!(I wonrder who'll open for us today.....I know Kris has been hovering, .....And the winner is........)

Thanks Kalinda!   You Heard the Glu Goddess Dolls!  She said thread's Open.  Bring on the looks!

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