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Hi, I'm an android player. Recently i could recover an old game from Facebook but i want to switch the login to another Fb account i use currently (which is also associated to a second game). Can I do it?  I dont care if i lose the connection from that second game, since i pretend to keep playing just the older one.


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    I know in the past you could simply sign in from the game to the Facebook account you want to use when your game is up and running. But that was before we depended on Facebook for saves. I would ask members who have recently done it, what the process was. it should just simply be signing in to the new account while you’re in the game but you could ask @Carol Davida she’s a frequent flyer as far as switching Facebook accounts.   Maybe she can lend her expertise.  (Oh, I don’t know if you need to but this might help. Change the password to your non-game Facebook account after your game is up and running and you have logged into the new Facebook account you want to use through the game. Next time the game opens up even if it tries to go in through your old Facebook it can’t.  At that point the game will ask you to login to FB, and then use the new credentials you want.  Good luck, and you can also look around in the FAQs in option through the game, or here: 
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    Thank you for the fast response! im going to try that option and see if it works.

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