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I don’t know if this is the best place for this, but.. I’ve never played for a kollection before and I’m nervous to try. Does it just spin though the items on the palette as shown? When you press play does it stop on what’s highlighted at that time? Does each play cost 30kstars? For example I really want the bundle in this sexy chill but I don’t want to waste 30kstars and it be like a TB or daily box and there be 3 things of energy. I’d cry. ☹️
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    @miahepburn your spin will get you one of the boxes shown. Warning that most Kollections are rigged in favor of getting the non clothing items first. Sometimes people do get lucky and spin the bundle first, I've done it myself a few times, but it is rare. And to answer your other question the price of a spin increases with each spin. So while the first spin is 30, the next would be 50, and so on.
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    @AliBryant thank you so much for explaining! 😀 I’m not one for gambling, so I may just save my kstars for Black Friday so I for sure get something! 
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