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Hey guys, so the new iOS update says I can add friends but I’m unable to send any requests. I wonder if anybody else has this issue. My ID is Peachiebae so can someone add me instead?


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    Apple stopped Apple stopped supporting Game Center with iOS 9 (or !0). If you want to add friends you have to add their Facebook ID and they add yours. you can post your ID in the Gifting & Friends section. But you have to use your fb account to add friends.
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    @kokokokonut Yeah I heard about that. But now you can actually add people from your contacts, I just sent my friend a request and he got automatically added! It’s just that you can’t add people through their GC ID
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    @PeachieBae thanks for the info! I don’t use FB and it’s sucked that gamecenter hasn’t had any way of connecting players for years (until now, I guess). Good to know! PM me if you want my number :) 
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    Glad I could help @KKH_Jenny! Just be sure that your device is updated! I think the latest one is iOS 13.2. 
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