🎆 KK:H v10.5 Update - Anticipation Let's Give Thanks for Black Friday!



  • webrawebra Experienced Member Registered Users 653 Posts
    jaeann said:
    iOS players: Restore special purchases should help get some if not all of your celebrity perk points. ❤️
    Thank you! I think that got me back some... 
    I’m curious if any long time VIP members got similar results.

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  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,015 Posts
    So @webra you only got 607 points? that does not seem right, wayyy too low. Perks have not been updated in over a year, maybe even 2 years? Have you also bought Fashion Goals/SMCs in that time? Star packs/diamonds/tickets?
  • jaeannjaeann Registered Users, Member 502 Posts
    @webra are you Gold VIP? 
    iOS platform 
    PM for FB requests 💞
  • webrawebra Experienced Member Registered Users 653 Posts
    edited November 2019
    @AliBryant I’ve bought every fashion goal released and hundreds of dollars worth of Kstar packs.

    @jaeann I have the bronze VIP.
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  • Silz1217Silz1217 Experienced Member Registered Users 731 Posts
    Ok so i have the same celebrity perks issue I literally buy every fashion goal and also am bronze vip and buy star on regular basis Yet I’m on level 32 of celeb perks !! Do anyone was able to collect all the added new celeb perks?? 

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  • Silz1217Silz1217 Experienced Member Registered Users 731 Posts

    I can’t wait for these two outfits!
    Yes let’s hope they are not a sys prize cause if one of the outfit is trendsetter than we know only 1 in 30 can get it and that would be awful!! Unless they modify the sys and make first 5 spots as number 1 .. I swear they make good hairstyles just for the sys and then only one person can get it that is bull!! 
    i love the glitter outfit and ponytail !!

    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • MollyMonroeMollyMonroe Registered Users, Member 508 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Ahh, thank you @jaeann! I just tried it and got *some* credit toward the next perk. 

    I agree with @AliBryant, @mikaylachimo, and everyone else who's upset about Celebrity Perks not fully reflecting our previous purchases. I'm also a Gold VIP, and I spend a pretty penny on star packs a few times a month. I would have loved to see those purchases be counted. 

    Aside from that I'm happy with the rest of the update. I love how affordable the new closet items are, and while none of the hairstyles are for me, it makes me happy to see people finally get their blue hair! 

    I'm also relieved for all the guys in SYS. That must be thrilling. Is @esme still on the boards? @esme, it happened!! 
  • rosalinerosaline Registered Users, Member 37 Posts
    This is my first outift of the 10.5 update. 
    How’d I do? ☺️💙 
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    • I love kkh! 💫💫
  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    edited November 2019
    @Emcat that’s a great idea! We’ve been suggesting ways to get reminded about business for a long time and I think that would be a nice way to do it 
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
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  • ScarletkkhScarletkkh New Member Registered Users 830 Posts
    I honestly love the idea of the hairstyles without the accesories on them. Also love the new hair colours. I cant decide if i love the pink or blue more😂. I have always wished for blue hair in the game as I myself had blue hair before. But now we have a bright pink as well, now I dont know what is my favorite😂. Another colour I would love love to have is silver. 
  • Suri_MaddenSuri_Madden Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    agrcic said:
    any other apple users that still don’t have the update? :(
    You still having this problem? Going through my apps and not App Store gave me the update straight away, and I was facing the same issue yesterday :)
    ~ iOS player ~
  • LindaVBLindaVB Senior Member Registered Users 6,463 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Wow I'm loving this update!! Thank you Glu for making a seperate SYS for male and female dolls and for the possibility to remove inactive friends!!

    And like many other players, I'm so happy that Celebrity Perks has been updated but I don't understand why we were not credited for all the purchases made since the last Celebrity Perks update.. I mean I have  been a Gold VIP member for almost a year and frequently buy Fashion Goals. @KalindaKing if we can't be credited for previous purchases, will VIP members at least be credited from this moment on everytime the subscription is prolonged?
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  • JasminEscalantekkhJasminEscalantekkh Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
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    My first outfit after the update 🥰
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  • QueonnahQueonnah New Member Registered Users 142 Posts
    I feel the exact same way about the Celebrity perks. I’m a bronze VIP and if you include my prior purchases, I should be way farther into my perks prizes than I currently am. 

    The update is great! I’m super excited for the weekend event. Those items are gorgeous. 

    @Emcat I love that idea. That would help me tremendously. Especially with my Salon in Brooklyn because I never remember to go.  
  • JohanaJohana Registered Users 520 Posts
    Hi new hair! ❤️💙💛💚

  • AllegorieAllegorie Registered Users, Member 558 Posts
    This is weird, many of my friends have disappeared from my contact list...
    Did you delete me @alice_kkh @MarianiPoizen @yezx:D
    Or is this just a glitch ? 
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  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 1,898 Posts
    @Allegorie nope not deleted you.
    I play on iOS
  • alice_kkhalice_kkh Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    @Allegorie i still have you in my game which means you deleted me 🤧 how dare you! 😠😂

  • AllegorieAllegorie Registered Users, Member 558 Posts
    @alice_kkh oh noooo I swear I didn't !  :D
     This is so weird ! And I'm 100% sure it's not update-related because yesterday it was already like that...
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  • fallonfallon Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    edited November 2019
    I'm also having failures, some friends are gone
    English is not my first language 🇧🇷
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  • alice_kkhalice_kkh Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    @Allegorie try signing in and out of FB/ force quitting the game a few times
  • Silz1217Silz1217 Experienced Member Registered Users 731 Posts
    I’m kinda bummed that the kollection are on nov 15 and 22 when Black Friday is the week after!! 😢😢

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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 28,161 Posts
    AmeliaKKH said:
    Emcat said:
    We NEED A PERSONAL ASSISTANT character. Someone who we can call to find out which of our businesses have tasks available. I’m so tired of hopping from location to location trying to find which jobs have been refreshed. Please make this happen in an upcoming update!
    I think this idea is amazing. An example: She could call you when you have business gigs available like when you can design another collection at Chevier, a new perfume,etc.
    Totally! It can be on an office or even in our Bel-Air home (an office there would be perfect). 

    My favorite new feature has been getting calls and taken to things instead of manually going there! It would be amazing if our assistant could do this and take us to gigs and places. It’s a new way to travel! Maybe she could make arrangements! 😂😂😂
    Like the driver picks us up.  Remember the fast action scenes we had a few times,  wasn’t there a limo ride for a storyline? I’d spend a few moments on a transition like that.   I’ve got it, let us put a driver on staff. We have a cook, a masseur , glam girls and a carriage driver in BelAir.  We could have a reg driver whisk us away.  (I can’t really drive the helicopter too well anyway and the game refuses to give us a motorcycle) “to the airport and step on it”. Yeah I could get used to my doll giving instructions like that. Good morning dolls! 
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  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,385 Posts
    @Silz1217 Glu is really tempting us to spend our kstars this month. 😂 be strong and try to save till the Black Friday TB sale! 
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  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,628 Posts
    You’re still in my game too @allegorie
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