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  • beachespeachesbeachespeaches New Member Registered Users 387 Posts
    edited November 2019

    🍰 I just submitted it @webra
    My doll's name is Bea!
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    @beachespeaches Thank you so much!
    I play on iOS.  A+++   FB: Webra Aubrey (message me to friend)
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    Yeah, separating the groups is just one thing that popped in my head but there’s so many possibilities, @AliBryant alone had much better alternatives than Glu has ever once executed. There’s just a lot of ways of making everyone happy re tickets but they don’t care. 
  • Silz1217Silz1217 Experienced Member Registered Users 714 Posts
    @judithkkh it’s ok I didn’t find your look it will eventually show up on someone I don’t have to get it today !! But thank you so much 😊 

    IOS platform

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    kkh Rachele level 24
  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 5,603 Posts
    @KKH_Jenny just to be clear those are all things that have been mentioned multiple times by many different people here in the past year, I don't want to take credit!  I just think there are so many ways to find a happy medium here, and it's definitely not incentivizing ticket buyers with a bundle :/ 
  • pilirositolampilirositolam Registered Users, Member 1,063 Posts
    Guys! This is literally insane, I don’t stand a chance, not even in my wildest dreams, there’s 8 ticket buyers, one worse than the other 😡

    I just created a fb account for my doll! Her in-game (iOS) name is Francesca. Add me: https://m.facebook.com/francesca.kkh.5?ref=bookmarks 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💞
  • JasminEscalantekkhJasminEscalantekkh Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    edited November 2019

    These are my looks so far my scores are ehh. This sys theme is hard to play because you don't know what the voters really want! 😪
    Android doll 💙
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  • livyxlivyx Registered Users, Member 583 Posts
    livyx said:

    I only I like the earnable purse so I’m not even trying that hard 
    From where is your hair because I’m in love! 🥰
    Kim’s birthday event I believe! It’s one of my favorites. ☺️ I don’t think it’s available to buy for diamonds yet though 😞

    iOS player since December 2014 🇫🇷🇵🇱
    https://www.facebook.com/livykkh (please let me know you’re from the forum)
  • alice_kkhalice_kkh Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    I submitted the cupcake too @webra and the aura @thelifeofRaeRae

  • Jasper1385Jasper1385 Registered Users, Member 90 Posts
    Kind of random. I saw many dolls with the gold mic. Where can I find one? 
  • Jasper1385Jasper1385 Registered Users, Member 90 Posts
    Seriously what would I do without all of you?!? I wouldn't have all of the amazing perks that I've earned since joining this fab  group. 
    That's where

  • beachespeachesbeachespeaches New Member Registered Users 387 Posts
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    Kind of random. I saw many dolls with the gold mic. Where can I find one? 
    It’s from the curtain call kollection

    My doll's name is Bea!
    iOS player since the release
    Level 69 ayyy
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    edited November 2019
    FilipaKKH said:
    Last SYS I made a poll to see how many ticket buyers everyone got in their T$ Group. Most people got 1 or 2, which isn't great because few people got everything they wished, but I got a bit happy that at least most people got one of the TS prizes. 

    Right now, I have at least 5 ticket buyers in my group — which is chaotic — I'm interested to see if anything changed after the new bundle (as I suppose it did). Would you dolls please vote? 

    Disagree: no ticket buyer. 
    Agree: 1 or 2 ticket buyers.
    Like: 3 or 4 ticket buyers.
    Lol: 5 (or more) ticket buyers.
    Out of 54 people who’ve voted thus far, not ONE of us is in a TS group without a TB? Wake up, Glu. You’re losing the only people who still are invested in this game. 
  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,273 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Looks 1-4. I started the event 12 hours later and I have a ticket buyer, maybe two. But honestly I don't care at all, our feedback is useless, glu doesn't want to try to make the sys system more funny for players, even if a lot of you dolls have suggested great ideas to keep (and maybe increase) glu's earns. 
    Sorry for the grammar mistakes but it's been a long day and I can barely think in my language 😅😂

    Edit: in the second look there's the microphone from last VIP 
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    edited November 2019
    I mean, I pay $5/mo for this game, which is ridiculous in itself for a constantly glitching game, and yet these are the kinds of palettes I had just this week:
    has anyone at Glu EVER peeked at another successful game and glanced at their
    prices? you can usually unlock everything for 99
    cents. In this game, $5 gets you enough stars to buy 1/4 of freckles for your dolls nose (220 kstars). So you’d have to spend ~$22 for freckles. It’s so outrageous. 
  • thallisathallisa New Member Registered Users 1,383 Posts
    @Basak I think I spotted you in the voting booth, you were a popular pick! 

  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,200 Posts
    @thallisa Oh wow, that’s me. 🤪 That look had 46 points, thank you so much for voting! 💞


    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    This probably makes me a bad person but someone in my TS group keeps copying every single one of my looks, and does so each time for her next look after mine are up there. So, since I’ve scored high enough at this point for the earnables and I’m refusing to participate in the Triple Scam bundle, so I'm submitting a horrible look that will definitely tank. Hope she continues her trend and copies it. 😁
  • nubcakenubcake New Member Registered Users 191 Posts
    edited November 2019
    KKH_Jenny said:
    In this game, $5 gets you enough stars to buy 1/4 of freckles for your dolls nose (220 kstars). So you’d have to spend ~$22 for freckles. It’s so outrageous. 
    Straight up I've been saying this forever. 3 tickets + stars and diamonds for $3, or the regular price of $5 for 50 stars... prices in this game are ridiculous. 

    I've been moving away from KKH and playing more of Covet Fashion now (so basically... Glu is still taking my money lol), and $10 in Covet can get you a hair accessory like a bridal veil that you can use 3 times a week forever. All premium items are earnable for free by completing challenges, then made available to purchase for $ later. Making purchases doesn't take away your daily ad videos. And this game is doing a lot better financially than KKH so... Glu why not apply what you've learned from acquiring this game? 
    Hi I'm Ellie! ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)━☆゚.*・。゚ iOS doll: bish im fabuwulous 
    Play with me! Fb name: Ellie Chuchu
    I post stuff on Instagram: Ellie Nubcake 
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    @nubcake that’s the ridiculous irony of this “bundle”; it’s the FIRST time their prices are even remotely comparable with what other games charge, and yet instead of just making it diamonds and stars, they just had to add tickets. I hate spending money on this greedy company but with how hard it is to earn diamonds and given their insane price, I honestly most likely would’ve bought the bundle if it was sans tickets. I don’t want to encourage that crap.
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH New Member Registered Users 722 Posts
    AliBryant said:
    I don't think it makes sense to have it separated, I just want them to take one of the MANY alternative suggestions that would still make them money but also make players happy:

    1) give the #1 prize to the top 3 in the group
    2) use only the average of the first 14 looks to determine the winner
    3) Have a cap on the number of points, so earnables are 575, but if you get to 700 something (just throwing that out there) you automatically win TS prizes. These terrible NPC-looking players would still be lining Glu's pockets by paying to win/get to the TS benchmark.
    4)have a "buy it now" button for the TS prizes. So you have a choice, either try your chances at competing (like those of us who score well) or don't (you are buying your win anyway so just buy it like a purchase!). This way even people who don't have time to play, or miss tickets, or whatever the reason, can still get the items

    I am sure there are more I am forgetting but these are the most popular suggestions I can remember
    Love the #2 and I think it would be the most fair (and fun - if I might add). You can still buy unlimited tickets but you can’t submit random outfits just to reach a certain point. You’d still have to work for it. I do think it doesn’t cater to what seems to be the primary audience of TS: just points, not caring for looks or number of tickets. 

    The #3 would be the most player based! However, it interferes a LOT with the current system and might take the competitive edge (that makes people spend more). 

    #4 I don’t see as viable because TS seems to work as an auction: it goes to the highest bidder! I’m not a business major or have any economy knowledge. So I can only give opinions as a player. I don’t see how this current system is the most profitable tbh! #4 would be super cool although it may not be as profitable. 

    I don’t think #1 would fix the problem! Maybe it could even increase the number of people spending! However, it would triple the number of winners! So there’s that! It’s the most viable imo. 
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH New Member Registered Users 722 Posts
    karmilife said:
    Trandsetters is not fear and with elements of gambling or auction, i think it should be checked by u.s. government for legal. There is a lot of players who less than 18 years old, and they buying tickets
    I have MAJOR issues with this tbh. I totally agree! 
  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,273 Posts
    kkhaddict said:
    Posting this will probably get me banned like the other forum members who have exposed her, but I'm just sooo confused. I've seen forum members get exposed for hacking the game and then banned soon after. But a particular forum member posts videos on Youtube literally about her "hacked game overview" and the Glu representative explicitly said she will not ban her. But why does she get this special exception? Anyways, if this is my last post before I get banned, I just wanna say thank you for the amazing inspo and keeping up with the great suggestions that Glu will continue to turn a blind eye on ❤️
    Can anyone explain this? Private messages are perfect so nobody will be banned 😂
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny Registered Users, Member 239 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Regarding illegal gambling, buying TS tickets arguably falls under this purview and thus is, in fact, gambling: 

    "Games of Chance"

    “State gambling laws outlaw games, bets, or wagers that are at least partially dependent on some element of chance. If a game or competition that gives prizes to winners is based on skill, such as a car race or a shooting competition, it is not considered gambling. (However, other laws or restrictions may apply in order to make such competitions legal.)”

    “What differentiates a game of skill from a game of chance is usually determined by which of the two elements has the greatest impact on the outcome. If chance is the biggest factor, the game is one of chance, and making bets or wagers on such games is gambling. Courts have ruled that in games that involve both skill and chance, and where a small group of skilled experts routinely win, this does not necessarily make the game one of skill. In determining what defines a game of skill or chance, courts often judge the game on the average player. If the average player's chances are dominated by chance, the law considers it a game of chance.”

    And clearly, there is literally no element of skill required to win TS anymore because it’s almost always a ticket buyer who is either apparently, or identical to, an NPC (most of the #1 dolls on TS have that exact hot mess look as the NPCs in the game, where you can tell the whole look is an amalgam of the inventory the computer just threw together), or alternately people with way too much disposable income who also clearly dressed their doll in the dark. While asleep and/or comatose. And polling results here, plus our own weekly experiences, indicate the average player playing fairly will NOT win, irrespective of their scores (or “skill”). 

    And, specifically since the highest scores sans purchases don’t win TS, or very rarely do, it’s legally not even considered a competition anymore. Get a better lawyer, Glu. 

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