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    Also me:

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    @TrashleyKKH Sad nerd facts: Tolkien actually created Elvish based upon my mother tongue; it’s so impossible to speak, that’s why no one lives in my country.  😂

    So basically, if I was single, that C-lister and i would probably hit it off. That’s really sad. 
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    @KKH_Jenny that is so interesting ! I am sure you find your own Elven prince eventually. 
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    This was from last weeks SYS, I was like what has happened to my dolls back!! 😂🤣 I hadn’t even earned the wine bottle by that stage either. 

    Did anyone else have it happen to them? 
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    Hmm, which offer should I take?? 🤔
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    I wish I had screenshots of all the times I've giggled at this game.... everyone else's screenshots and comments are cracking me up! 
    But a funny little thing that my friends make fun of me for is that I set alarms starting at like 4 in the morning so I can always be doing a project or making sure I use my SYS tickets right when they refresh.... as well as setting timers throughout the day going sometimes until 1am! Maybe I'm obsessed....? No, I don't think so ;)
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    It's obvious we are dolls, but sometimes broken dolls lol 😂

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    girl what on earth-

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    Your doll on Konnections vs your doll irl
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    kadamisia said:

    girl what on earth-

    I bet she listens to Never Shout Never and Nickasaur. mega 2008 myspace vibes
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    Sir you had me at rodeo clown 😉
    (lol even the bartender is trying not to laugh in the back!!)
    Then when I first started the game...

    lol Mariah, how did you know subtle clown jokes was a quick way to a girls heart 😂💕
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    The Eight Dolls You'll Meet in the Voting Booth This SYS
    NOTE: This is pasted from the Paris Street Style thread upon suggestion. I hope this is okay to do lol

    1. The Reindeer
    You can count on her to bring the Christmas cheer anywhere! ...Even in May. Dear god.

    2. The Wedding Dress
    Guess who's just gotten hitched? That's right, this girl. Look, she's so happy she's about to dab.

    3. The Best of Both Worlds
    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? And a coffee cup to bring in the Parisian vibes. Classic.

    4. The TS Rewards Girl
    She's always wearing a mixture of previous events' TS prizes, and you're not really sure how because she's never. on. theme. What's her secret?! Seriously, we would love to know.

    5. The Gown Girl
    She's stunning. Her gown collection makes you feel like a peasant. Her hair? On point. Golden flakes follow around her heavenly form. Her expensive wine oozes sophistication. And she is... still not on theme. WHY?!

    6. The Newbie
    Doesn't have a lot of clothes, but she's trying her best. She doesn't have others' wardrobe. Vote for her when you see her against the off-themers, dolls. Every doll was her once. Let's be supportive.

    7. The On-Theme Girl
    Wow. Seeing her is so strange; she almost feels unreal. Like a production of your anxiety-fueled hallucinations. Is she really there, or is she a wishful dream? You aren't sure. You vote for her, still in a daze.

    8. The Experimental Look
    She's taking the theme and rolling with it. Neutrals? Yes. Two-tones? She's got it. Short hair? Check. Attitude? Ha! She is beauty, she is grace, she is... not the popular vote. Sigh.

    (Just a little fun before the SYS begins! Let me know what you think. Also I have no idea if the "on-theme" look is actually any good, but the blazer and skirt just called to me. Honestly, I think the experimental is better but short hair is a killer and we all know it.)
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    @promquin98 imagine calling your prospective partner loose so casually... though ig me and my 7 annulments can't complain lol, in my defense they all insulted my outfits on dates I paid for. The audacity.
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    @AYewKKH tell me why I thought you were talking about real life for a second 😭 I was like ...SEVEN?
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