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Hello! I have been dating Gavin for a while now, and I am having trouble getting engaged. When I got engaged the first time in this game, I feel like it happened so quickly, and now no matter how many 5-star dates I go on with G, I can't get it to happen! I literally went on 4 5-star dates in 12 hours earlier this week. Right now we are 3358/6000 and the 47th top couple. He has said he loves me and told me we are soul mates. I tried deleting my relationships with everyone else that I had a heart by in my contacts and that didn't seem to work either. Any advice or am I just going to have to wait this out?


  • rosalinerosaline Registered Users, Member 37 Posts
    Have you completed the grand opening event in LIF? The same thing happened to me in one of my previous games and it turns out that I only needed to complete the LIF event and the problem was fixed, and he proposed to me right after. If you have completed the event, you probably unfortunately have to restart a new relationship.
  • chaneyspchaneysp Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Yes, I've completed that! I've been playing the game for months and play constantly so I'm pretty far ahead in it. I was wondering if maybe because I was engaged before, I still have "buy a wedding dress" in my tasks - didn't know if that could maybe be holding something up since that was from my last engagement? He also just told me we were soul mates a few days ago so it does seem like this is going super slow in general compared to my first relationship.
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