KK:H WeekDay Event - 12/16/19 Twas 9 Days B4 Christmas & Time to TB



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    @Lia888 from looking at the goal list, it maybe is a glitch? @KalindaKing would you know, perhaps? 
    In regards to my game, the last proper task I had was the Bayou Bash, and then Simon called about receiving a giftbox of stars for completing the Korkov Mykonos show and now it’s 24 hours and still nothing new to complete/wait for.
    I’m only at Level 54 so I’m confused as other users have posted at Level 99, so I’m wondering if there is a problem with my game?
    or am I doomed to just complete reality shows each week for a throwback bracelet and only do parties/menial random jobs from Simon to increase my fans? I’m on my third comeback btw
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    @Lia888 We're aware of that glitch where you have a duplicate task. Please contact Glu Support from your  game and mention that you have the Talk About It goal.
    Add your platform (ex. iOS/Android) to your forum signature & save your IDs so we can help
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    Thanks @BellaKKH and @KalindaKing for the feedback on my task issue. I’ll submit support ticket soon. Also thanks to Glu for compensation related to the event delays!
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    Merry Christmas everyone 💖 Thank to all of you that wished me happy holidays! Love you my forum family 🎁💖

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    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year 🥂
    let's be friends add me:
    android player 
    my name is lauren

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