St Moritz Ski Resort

AnnabelleRose24AnnabelleRose24 Registered Users, Member 14 Posts

How do you fix the “below average” in facilities? Liam asked me about an issue with a facility and I decided to turn it off or take it down or something and I don’t know how to get it fixed. 
I'm just someone who believes that she is extra-ordinary, is trying to figure out her life while living with many mental illnesses! #staystrong


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    You have to choose the right answers, for example "run snow making machines", don't close a ski slope and don't hire Maestro Sly, when there's a situation happening it's Willow and you have to escort her out(do it yourself even though you have security), when there's a photo shoot do it. I can't remember more. @AnnabelleRose24
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