New Years 2020 outfits

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In my closet I have hair, dresses, etc. marked like 2018 or 2016, but I forgot how I got them.
i didn’t get anything this New Years. How does it work and when am I getting new cuteness?
I kept signing in every day thru the new year holiday to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 
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    You can get new clothes especially by completing events (either professional gigs, reality shows, throwback boxes, party or vip events) - in case of New Year's clothes, it was a professional gig which held on December 2019, here's a reference from this year:

    So you probably missed it. 😞
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    I got those, but in the closet it doesn’t say the year in the corner, like the previous years. 
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    The items marked with a year are event items from around New Years. You got them by opening a throwback box in a weekday event, which contain old event items. Glu has stopped labeling a lot of items like they did previously, so some newer items don't have icons at all.
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