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The new Iron Model challenge is a scam. I played two rounds, every time reaching  five stars, But every time I go back after a few hours to the game, I'm told that I got as many stars as I had at the beginning of the previous round and my time is up. I play at home on my Wi-Fi, so the signal is fairly stable. This happened to me several times before, causing some mild irritation, but now it really bugs me.
Android 4.2.2


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    @mmoni hey, you need to finish all three Iron model challenges with a 5 star outcome to get the 12 diamonds. Did you finish all three? 😊
  • mmonimmoni New Member Registered Users 13 Posts
    My point is, it was impossible for me to get five stars because my progress wasn't saved - I got five stars, closed the game, when I reopened it a few hours later, I was back to two stars or whatever I had at the beginning of the previous round, and the challenge was over. I finished all three challenges , but I managed to get five stars only on the last one.
    Android 4.2.2
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    Not sure what happened in your game , but when you finished with 5 stars, did you collect your gig payout?  Leave the venue?  I have experienced a similar fate when I  didn't fully pick up the task payout before shutting down and it didn't register.  When I reopen later on, I got notification that I did 2 stars or 3 stars and  can do better next time.  
    If that's not it, you can always send a ticket to Customer care, ask them to check out your game. So sorry this is happening to you.  
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