Cant restore my account :(:(

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Heyy guys! My Phone is acting super weird today, and I tried to reinstall the game a few times. Now it says I cant restore the game before 4days23hours! I really dont want to miss the weekend event, what do I do?? I tried Customer support but my phone was still glitching so i dont know of it got through. Any ideas how to speed up the process? I have my game id saved! 


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    if you sent if you sent your ID to Support you just have to wait fr them to reply.  I’m very sorry this is happening.  If you are not sure it went through, send another, with your ID using the contact button here.  Sorry I can’t offer more.  
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    i experienced the same thing a few weeks back. i suggest you not even contacting support, all they will tell you to do is wait for the time to go up. unfortunately, you have no choice but to wait & miss the event items.
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