Missing Item after Diamond Purchase during SYS

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Yesterday I purchased a dress with 25 diamonds during the CandyLand SYS.  I never received the dress in my closet and the diamonds are gone.  I contacted support and they said there was a synch issue with my game and there was not a way to send me the dress.  Is there a way to resolve this?  I would be happy to take the 25 diamonds back if nothing can be done about the dress.

Any suggestions or recommendations? 

Thank You!


  • chanellechanelle Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    Same issue, took my 30 diamonds but got nothing in exchange from the Korkov Kollecton that I played. Glu support said can’t help me. Can’t even get me back my 30 diamonds. In a loss of words with how little help they can provide in such situations. 
  • solocissolocis Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Same over here, i reached out to customer support for my missing diamonds and they ignore the fact that i ask if something can be done about my missing diamonds.
    They just tell me that they’re sorry for what happend but its probably because of my wifi.
    I contacted them twice on this issue because they ignored my question but they just didn’t even want to let me know if they could help me or not.
    They just blame my wifi and ignore my question.

    im very very disappointed :(

  • BlaqkAudioBlaqkAudio Registered Users 12 Posts
    I'm in a similar situation. I can spend Diamonds and receive items for them no problem (thank goodness!), but I can't receive Diamonds. I've been dealing with this for almost a month now and I contacted support about it during previous events, but they only gave me back Diamonds I didn't receive from said events, while the actual problem remained unfixed and I haven't received a single Diamond from Candyland SYS. I haven't contacted support this time as I have spent most of the Diamonds I got as compensation in Couture Kollection, so screenshots wouldn't prove anything in my case.
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