How does everyone deal with the support team?

maccaheartneymaccaheartney Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
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I’ve contacted the support team several times, and they have never been able to help me. This time though, I’m upset. I never recieved my rewards for a SYS event, so I e-mailed them, and after two weeks of messaging back and forth, they claim to have given me the missing items. They hadn’t. Instead, my game now doesn’t save progress, so the multiple K-stars I just earned are gone. Poof.

Does anyone else have poor experiences?


  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
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    I have better luck with eggs
  • maccaheartneymaccaheartney Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    They just responded that it’s due to my internet connection... My internet connection is fine.
  • BlaqkAudioBlaqkAudio Registered Users 12 Posts
    I feel you there, maccaheartney. They're polite and all, but they haven't fixed the broken part of the game for me. I did my best to explain my problem to them multiple times and all they'd seen in there were me asking for my rewards. They gave those back to me, which is nice of them, of course, but it's frustrating that they seem to have overlooked the part where I said there's a problem to be solved.
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