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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos I'm glad you managed to get back to top 5!
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     Worst Best Favorite...I came in first by over 200 points. The people behind me either gave up or lost 
    tickets. I didn’t think the big dress would score well but it was my last look, it didn’t even matter.
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    The least they could have done is give orange dye...
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    Second time being apart of SYS event. I’ll take second place 🤗
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    evilhag said:
    I got two tickets from the glitch. But I didn’t know it was a glitch so I wasted one. And I don’t like that I had the glitch, I literally wouldn’t have used the extra ticket but my clock was about to stop and I wasn’t sure if it would stop the clock completely or act like it’s a paid ticket. So please forgive us who used the extra tickets, it wasn’t fair but I just wanted to make sure I got the rest of my free tickets. 
    Here my lowest (lol, when I couldn’t figure out what was going on before the glitch was revealed and I had a ticket that wouldn’t disappear), highest, and favorite. Ended up in second

    I had the same thing happen to me. Just on my android account but on my ios one i couldnt submit anything till saturday 😂😂😂
    i was so confused on what to do with the tickets as i thought it would erase the submission but i stopped it the same second i saw it was a glitch and in the end i was 8th even with that ticket...
    tbh i wasnt even bothered too much since i didnt even want to chase anything from this SYS except the drink and diamonds and kstars 😂😂😂 
    i’m just hoping it will be fixed till the next one because this happening again would be really going overboard and totally unfair to most of the players. 
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    So STILL no response from the Glu gods? 

    🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸
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    So STILL no response from the Glu gods? 

    Not a beep 🤬🤬🤬
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    I think the least thing we get is knowing when the Sys items will be available again ..
    I was doing great and done on the ticket 12 and didn’t want to share in this frustration because I thought I’m the only lucky one didn’t have trouble till my 13 &14 Tickets stayed with zero votes for hours and I dropped to 6th place .
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     I'm so annoyed because I was 3 points away from the dress and I definitely would have gotten it if not for the glitches. I guess they're just gonna ignore the whole situation :s I don't know why I got my hopes up, I really thought they were going to at least address it.
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos Thank you! 💕
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    @KalindaKing @eggsandbananas
    Still waiting on some answers. When are we getting our compensation for the messed up TS board and earnables we couldn’t reach because of you?
    The last one is easy to fix: just lower the points needed by 2 looks, so that everyone who couldn’t get votes for their last 2 looks has a chance. If the looks were bad before, that person would not reach the last item anyway. If they were above the required average (42 votes per look), then they would and they would get the prize they were supposed to. You did that before (reduce the points) for the SYS where everyone got locked out so it’s possible. Just lower it by 84 points to 491.
    As for TS, extend the prizes to the top 10 or something like that. Still exclusive prizes and it makes up for the potential ticket glitchers we had in our groups.
    That is an issue that came from Glu, why are we paying for it?! I should have gotten that earnable dress and I refuse to shut up and accept that nothing will be done about it! You sent us an apology gift, that was in no way a compensation!!
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    Ppl bought tickets and or submitted their last outfits 30 mins left into the event and we still dont hear if you guys fixed anything? People missed earnables and top 5 prizes because of this. And no a new update and free outfit doesnt makeup for it.
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    I was hoping that we would hear from Glu regarding the FF SYS Mess last weekend. Like a word from Mods, a statement from them fully explaining what happened and a sincere apology. But I haven't seen any of that at all! 

    I feel that they were expecting the players to move on from that craziness (with the rewards, updates, and such that they gave us in the past 24 hours), Yes, I am grateful for the rewards, but that doesn't suffice! That's not addressing the root cause of the problem. How can we be assured that this will not happen in future events? It seems like glitches are happening left and right, not only in the SYS part. How could you keep us in the dark? You have the responsibility to properly inform your users what is the current status/what is happening. 

    You may not notice it, but KKH players are very smart. We will not be bought off with rewards everytime there is a KKH glitch. 

    If you are currently facing a problem, please tell us. Like I said in my previous post, be transparent to us so we can see the whole picture and understand your situation. Not like this when you are giving us the cold shoulder and treating us like idiots. KKH players, old or new, deserve more than that.

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    I put on my customer service wig and emailed them asking for a corporate number or some higher people i could talk to. Cause i do not believe this is ok. I suggest everyone who did get glitched out of their last looks and had any issues to do the same. If i get a response or number ill update. 
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    My sys looks 😍

    I thought that I wasnt gonna complete the event but I eventually did by submitting 3 more looks an hr before the event ended for me. Won 3rd place on ts and I'm completely fine by that 🙂 and side note glu the sys event was a hot mess dot com. Pls fix it!?👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Call me Miss Ross! I’m so crazy about your doll in this hair @Carol Davida! I love your looks

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