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hi, i had an old account on my android phone connected to my mums facebook and my current one connected to my facebook. we are friends on facebook yet we’re not showing on each others best friends lists. is this because my new account is on an ios device? i just want to gift clothes etc to my new account from my old and am having lots of difficulty, if anyone knows the issue please let me know :) xx


  • lilywray_lilywray_ Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    okay so update, i was unlinked from my facebook on my new account? and i can’t link them again. 
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    I’M Sorry but you can’t mix platforms.  If you are iOS you will only see other iOS games.   Same for Android, only connect with other Androids.  And I don’t know what you mean you cannot link them again.  
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  • lilywray_lilywray_ Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    thank you, so i can’t be friends with the other account? that’s pretty sad ahaha 
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