Can’t get to #1 spot

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I’ve been playing this game for years and did the comeback quest the max amount of times but for months now I’ve been trying to get to the top spot again and randomly just before I can make it to the top spot they add fans to random npcs. I’m sure it’s supposed to make the game hard and whatnot but I’ve reached 864.5 million- surely I should have been allowed to top the leaderboard again. This has happened multiple times and is making the game really bothersome to play when all my progress gets pushed back. Is this just a glitch because it’s making it impossible to reach the top and this isn’t my first time getting there I’m an A+++.


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    It's just part of the game. Even the dating and reality show lists are like that, but eventually you will pass them. Throwing parties give you a lot of fans so it's the quickest way to move up on the list.
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    Yeah i’ve been having the same problem,it got pretty impossible to move up recently 
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