Is it impossible to get to the #1 spot on the top stars list for anyone else?

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I haven’t played in a while and just recently came back to the game. I see there’s new prizes that come with topping the list and when I played in the past, it was super easy to get to the top and be #1. But now it feels like I can’t do it at all. Every time I’m in the top 10, I hang around for a bit, but the minute I come close to being number one, not only have I been bumped out of the top 10, but the “people” who have knocked me out have MILLIONS of more fans than I do, making catch-up take a while. I picked this game back up in early April last month after a 1-2 year hiatus and this has been a repeating cycle ever since. 

At first I thought maybe I was gaining fans too slow since I would only do the actual gigs instead of things like parties, but today I threw 3 hour parties back to back and got to #3, being only 5 million fans away from #1 before I was once again knocked down so now I’m at a lost. 


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    You are right to be doing parties.  Whenever I want to catch up to number 1, I take day and just do parties.  And the way you jump ahead, they jump ahead, this is just the way th e game portrays the struggle to make it to the top.  But, if you do a party when you start the game, a party at the end , and parties when ever you can, I promise you you will climb the ladder.  <3
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