Golden Stars and Hearts disappeared

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After my weeding, all my golden stars and hearts disappeared, and even if I buy new ones, they don’t appear as bonus for my next goals. I tried messaging the Glu Support but no one helped me :( 


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    If you sent a ticket to Support, they will respond as soon as possible.  If they responded but didn't address your issue, please reply on that ticket if you can, and ask them to look in your game and see what the problem is.  So sorry this is happening.  ;(  But welcome to the forum.  Nice to meet you.

    EDIT for easier and right answer.

    Doll, exit the screen you are in. the hearts and stars don't show when you go into a specific category.  When you 1st tap wardrobe, and you see the choices,  facial feautures, hair, dresses, etc    that is the screen showing your stats.
    when you go into a specific booth, it disappears.  exit that screen.
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