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    Hello. So I've been trying to play this game with a friend now, we managed to add eachother on google+ and after like 4 days we appeared in eachothers game. As soon as that appeared I started dating her 1 time, gave her a gift and when she was on her game she sent me a gift too and the game automatically put her in a relantionship with me, even though no dating happened on her part of the game. I was in E and she in A and it would been screwing her game too much so she had to refuse me and my character called her and broke up. Now I can't help her with anything in her game, it sucks. We have deleted eachother from google+ all circles and everything and hoping the game will autodelete us from eachother game so we could add eachother again cause there's no option for deleting someone.

    Is it the way it works ? Or are we just doomed like this until they come up with an update for this ?
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    Hi, I'm sorry this happened, but once you establish a 'heart' or dating relationship it can not be changed to professional. However when you gift someone before either dating or working with them, you establish either a Star - professional or Heart - romantic relationship. I did this to myself, when I started a 2nd Android game on another device, and sent a gift just to establish a connection. As a result, I ended up 'dating' my doll. so we broke up. and I couldn't get her back. I had 'twin' androids who couldn't see each other. It sounds like that might be your problem. This could work for you as well. I decided to 'charm' the other doll to re-establish a connection. ANd, then I let the Android twins marry in that game. So, the benefit was, I saw my other doll in every home. In your case, whenever you go home, it's like you're roomates with your real life friend's doll.

    I was unhappy at first, but realized seeing the other doll all the time, in the jet, at home, (because your spouse/committed SO appears in all your homes with you) was really ok. Now both games are married in each game, they each have their own kids, and it works well. I played without any connection to the other game for about 6 months. THen I thought of it as roomates and it works well. See if that works for you.

    Even though my games are 'married' a friend on the forum surprised me one day, we're both married in our games to others, but we did photobooth in the game after dressing as bride and groom, and took pictures with friends and made a lovely little wedding party. So, it isn't as bad as it seems right now.

    Why don't you pop over to one of the general discussion threads and say hi. You'll meet new people who can all share experiences. I'm sorry this happened, but I'm proof it will work out. And wouldn't you want to see your friend's doll instead of some blue mustachioed NPC we flirted with in Brew Palms and married? lol.
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    mbloomq1 is my gamecenter for ios. i need friends who send gifts, it wont let mewatch videos for stars
    Lvl 53 ios player

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    How can you delete your Game Center friends?
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    If you are simply looking for info about how to add people to your game's contacts, Here are some brief tips with links to more platform specific info.

    And, the overall benefits of playing with friends, can be found in the earlier pages of this thread.

    If you are interested in adding friends to your games, it depends on your platform.
    • For iOS (Apple Products) you add them in Game Center. Better instructions are here.

    • For Android (non apple smartphones and tablets) it's Google Play (GOogle Circles) and a good thread for you is here.
    • Facebook versions of KK:H, read here.

    There is a lot of good info found in the Sticky Section threads. Try the beginning of the threads for instructions on adding people. As the threads trail on there is a lot of other comments and questions for that platform.

    Good luck, have fun, and thanks for playing KimKardashian:Hollywood. :)

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    Update:  now everyone adds friends through Facebook. 
     For iOS, you can also use GameCenter, but they must be in your go contacts first. If you have instructions for thst, feel free to add them. 

    If you want to look for friends, you can put your FB add info into your signature, include your platform.  
    You can find friends who have their add info in their signatures. 
    You can answer or start a thread here in this section.
    but please keep your looking for friends posts here in this Gifting and Friends section. 

    I’m quoting some highlights if info....found in the 1st post of the thread. thanks Samurai

    ★ Benefits ★

    Having real-life friends on your contacts list, you can call them to co-star with you while on projects to gain co-star points. This will reward you with Energy, XP and Stars.
    You can send and receive a variety of clothing and accessories to each other but it does cost in game cash and stars but some are cheaper than you buying clothing/accessories for yourself.
    It is possible to date and even marry your GameCenter, Facebook or Google+ friends too! The advantage of dating a friend is that they reward you with more fans than that of an in-game character. If you happen to run into a GameCenter, Facebook or Google+ contact in the game you can say "Hello" to them to receive a small amount XP.
    ★ Potential Issues ★
    Sometimes things glitch in the game and this applies for friend activities too. It is possible to experience the following problems;
    ✰ There is no way to delete friends immediately. While they disappear after some time, they will stick to your contacts list until the game chooses to.
    ✰ You also may not be able to co-star or date with certain friends if they have been inactive for too long.
    ✰ Your friends may also change appearances in the game, which has been reported as a connection issue.
    ✰ Lastly, if you are having trouble sending gifts to friends, that may also be a connection issue. 


    if you have more questions, feel free to post here, or start a new thread looking for friends.   Also you should put your platform Info somewhere on your FB page.  

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    I am looking for friends to play KKH ... and I'm not ashamed to ask for some gifts from the luckiest I kkk ... If you can help me, I will be forever grateful. my doll's name is Sofie Charlotte ... and my facebook user is Karol Carolina Add me
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