How to rise husband list/fans?

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So I'm an A-list celebrity, I met my husband in the beginning of the game so he is a D-lister, is there a way to like rise his list? I read in the forum that there are like two types of contacts or smt and it depends on that (?) but I didn't understand. I also read that when you divorce you lose a lot of fans, so I don't want to do that. Alsoalso he has a stupid hat, can I remove it? When looking at the gifts I saw that I could buy a new hat but isn't there a way to remove it? Will my husband wear this ugly beanie and stay on D-list forever? :OO


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    As far as I can remember I don't think you can change their ranking as a celebrity, although him being D-list doesn't affect your status which is good! The other type of contact is a professional contact (who you invite for tasks like modelling and acting) but you can't date them. And to remove the hat you'd have to purchase him a different hairstyle or change the one he has :) 
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