🖼️🎂Photo Op Time Again - 6 Year Kimiversary👗📸



  • rose2797rose2797 Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    Wow these are amazing!! Thanks @kaydencekkh and @webra for making something so special for all of use to be a part of!!!
  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    Wow this looks so amazing !
    All dolls look awesome 🤩✨

    A special thank you to @kaydencekkh & @webra for the lovely edits and time.

  • BumblebeebrayBumblebeebray Registered Users 112 Posts
    Thank you @webra and @kaydencekkh!!! These are lovely and I appreciate all the hard work. 

    Now we need another one post makeovers 😂
  • brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts
    This is amazing @webra @kaydencekkh thank you for taking your time to doing those, I love it! Happy Kimiversary everyone ♥️❤️
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    Love this ! 😍 so lovely and everyone looks so beautiful ! 💕 thank you for all the hard work @kaydencekkh @webra 😊
    It’s also weird seeing my old face lol
    iOS 😊
  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work!! I wish I was this talented!
  • danjames12danjames12 Registered Users, Member 518 Posts
    I love it!!! It’s like trying to place yourself in school pictures 😂😂 (Until you realise there’s an order below) 
    iOS player...used to play when the game first came out!! Flash forward about five different dolls and here we are.
    Playing this doll since January 2020, and doubt I’ll be changing again! (Unless I quit because sys is a joke and I’m really starting to loose the fun in this game ✌🏼❌)
  • Daniela_24Daniela_24 Registered Users, Member 49 Posts
    What they have done is wonderful. Thank you!  @webra and @kaydencekkh <3
  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,703 Posts
    I wanna say I had so much fun making the edits for all you dolls and I’m glad you liked them 💕And there was a huge turn out this year, I’m happy to see so many people enjoying this game as much as me, Happy kimiversary 💖
    iOS player!
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  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 802 Posts
    The photos look beautiful!
  • AYewKKHAYewKKH Registered Users, Member 490 Posts
    These are all stunning! Thank you so much for your hard work, it paid off immensely <3
    iOS - newly minted free player woo go clowns
    KKH Kudos thread 💖💖
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  • sarahleesarahlee Registered Users, Member 454 Posts
    Thank you so much for these amazing photos!! I love it 💗💗
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            🍇 English isn’t my first language 🍇
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 28,869 Posts
    They really do look beautiful.  And what’s great....our pre-Kimiversary Faces, are all here for posterity! We can look back and compare our old & new faces in the next group photo.  

    (And....if anyone wants to do (or suggest) an Open Call Photo Op, please send me a message.   )

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  • kittykatxkittykatx Registered Users, Member 221 Posts
    Thank you so much @kaydencekkh and @webra! We all look amazing ! 💗🥂
  • LydiaKKHLydiaKKH Registered Users, Member 863 Posts
    It’s such a lovely idea! Thank you for your hard work @webra and @kaydencekkh ❤️
    iOS 41lvl 📱 English isn't my first language 🇵🇱
    Free player since July 2019 💖

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  • DelenaGovatoDelenaGovato Registered Users, Member 548 Posts
    Thank you @kaydencekkh amd @webra, this is a masterpiece and it should be in museum 💖💖
  • fallonfallon Registered Users, Member 569 Posts
    thanks for this edition, it was amazing @webra e @kaydencekkh 😍💕
    English is not my first language 🇧🇷
    Android, add me: 
    Instagram: @fallonkkh
  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte Registered Users 832 Posts
    edited June 2020
    Everyone looks amazing!🤩 Thank you so much @webra and @kaydencekkh!💗
     ios player  ◡̈  free player
  • mz_understood2011mz_understood2011 Registered Users 32 Posts
    Thank you @webra and @kaydencekkh for all your hard work! This looks beautiful! ❤️❤️
  • samaaanthaaasamaaanthaaa Registered Users, Member 975 Posts
    edited June 2020
    I didn’t get tagged, but I’m 4th from last in the 4th picture. 🥺 (@webra if you could fix it please)
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,663 Posts
    Omg the pictures are so beautiful!! @kaydencekkh @webra you made an awesome job and thank you so much for including my late submission ♥️♥️
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • TheBolaTheBola Registered Users, Member 194 Posts

  • emxkkhemxkkh Registered Users, Member 162 Posts
     😍😍 thank you @kaydencekkh and @webra for all the hard work, beautifully done💞💞
  • thallisathallisa Registered Users 1,384 Posts
    Wow these edits are incredible 😍 thank you so so much for doing this @kaydencekkh and @webra 💛
  • PlantWitchPlantWitch Registered Users 371 Posts
    Wow! These are so lovely!! 😍💖 Thanks so much for all the hard work @webra & @kaydencekkh
    pm for add info!
  • Maree_kkhMaree_kkh Registered Users, Member 723 Posts
    This really put a smile on my face! Thank you so much @webra and @kaydencekkh for putting in the time to include so many of us!! This is like the best Where's Waldo ever :heart:
  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    amazing 😍😍
  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 550 Posts
    I love this so much! Thank you for putting this together, our dolls look awesome 🥳
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,215 Posts
    Thank you so much for taking your time and doing this wonderful edit @webra & @kaydencekkh 🎉🎊 It looks fantastic! 💕


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