🗳️🔁KK:H Weekday SYS- TB 7/20 Art Gallery Opening Redux🎨



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    LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,384 Posts
    Wait im confused... Why are there so many EARNABLE itens in the TS Boxes?
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    lqvenderlqvender Registered Users, Member 176 Posts

    I got 5th!! Here's my silver box and honestly??? This is what the earnable boxes should look like!! Silver boxes should ONLY have previous sys prizes 🤷‍♀️
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    KittyGKittyG Registered Users, Member 53 Posts
    I almost picked the drink, sad I missed it :(. At least I got this beautiful dress from the last box🥰. I’m disappointed that there was anything other than clothes in the palette, doesn’t seem fair at all. Who wants to spend their time playing and buying tickets or kstars to buy clothes, only to win a few dyes 😳. That’s just absurd.
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    Kaitlyn231Kaitlyn231 Registered Users, Member 194 Posts
    edited July 2020
    I ended up getting 3rd (and I didn't buy any extra tickets). I've never gotten that high before 😭😭😭😭.
    This is what I got from my silver box. I would've liked the green or silver dress but I'm not complaining 😊.

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    pearl_sspearl_ss Registered Users, Member 18 Posts

    😂 of course I would pick the only one that had dye in it 
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    eligureligur Registered Users, Member 906 Posts
    to all the people who weren’t picked for this yall really shouldn’t be so sad.. because only thing you missed was a HUGE continuous disappointment over these few days
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    noha62noha62 Registered Users, Member 294 Posts

    Well , it’s gonna be helpful in the sys but it’s so not worth the effort 
    people got better pallets than mine but i still won’t bother i will only focus on the main weekend sys from now on and treat week sys as a chance to get 2/3 diamonds only 
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    Suri_MaddenSuri_Madden Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    My review for the weekday SYS
    -It is great for new players and players who missed previous SYSes. It is a second chance to get the items. 
    -Another way to earn diamonds, dyes and kstars. 
    -Another event to play for long time members who don’t have any new storylines. 

    -Prizes in earnables boxes are inconsistent. Some players have 10kstars vs 20 kstars vs 50 kstars / 3 dyes vs 5 dyes with other players. It should be all 50kstars and 5 dyes. 
    - 535 votes to the last earnable is high. Should be lowered to 500 votes for a more relaxed SYS. 
    -Little to no incentive for long time players who already own all the earnables. Final earnable box should be a Trendsetter item. 
    -Is 2 SYSes a week too much? 

    Overall, I like the event. But I do wish the boxes are more similar to the Christmas/ Kimversary/ valentine boxes where it is just items and if players already own all items. An automatic 50 kstars prize. 
    Also not telling ppl how to spend their coins, but at the moment, I don’t think it is worth it to buy tickets for a CHANCE to win prizes. 

    This!!! I wouldn’t summarise my thoughts better, thank you!
    ~ iOS player ~
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    annalynnehoockannalynnehoock Registered Users, Member 270 Posts
    Hopefully I can stay in the top 5 next week, but what is going on with the silver boxes?? That's why the other boxes sucked, most of the earnable prizes were in the silver boxes
    Android Player - 🇧🇷 | english isn't my first language
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    eligureligur Registered Users, Member 906 Posts
    who’s excited for another hopefully not so disappointing sys??😌
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    RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    Smuckies said:
    I got this hair in my TS box. I only had one item and there is a diamond prize but only 1? For a TS box, I feel like the diamond prize should be 5. 
    lol 1 diamond?! 
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    MDanielMDaniel Registered Users 61 Posts
    When I think it couldnt be worst, I get KSTARS on my trend box. Its so funny at this point. RIP 4ever SYS events  o:)
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    RachelLiebeRachelLiebe Registered Users, Member 314 Posts
    My silver box pick was decent, as was the pallet but I agree that it shouldn’t be +3 for a normal dye? I genuinely feel that the TS boxes should be the same as the TB boxes where it’s only TS items in that box, no dye or kstars etc.
    The earnable boxes should work similar to the TB also where the first box has energy/dye/small items and the second box has bigger earnables/kstars/diamonds.

    I’m on IOS, please add me on my new Facebook https://www.facebook.com/christian.kkh
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    helcabuhelcabu Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    I was too scared to open the silver box but luckily I got actual item...but this is how the earnable boxes should look like, not like the ones we got 😒

    iOs player 
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    fallonfallon Registered Users, Member 569 Posts

    my three boxes, I wanted to know why glu put 3 drops for some people and for 5 others. and please remove energy, k-stars and non-rare drops from the boxes
    English is not my first language 🇧🇷
    Android, add me: 

    Instagram: @fallonkkh
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    ashleyyashleyy Registered Users, Member 1,425 Posts
    My ts box

    Can someone tell me where this hair is from? I don’t think I ever seen it before

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    datesaremyfavedatesaremyfave Registered Users, Member 358 Posts
    Some suggestions for midweek sys
    Sorry in advance for how long it is, I wanted to be very thorough with my opinions. I have beta tested many things and so I understand how it helps

    In the boxes:
    ⁃ Make the dye box have 5 so we can at least dye a dress. Honestly at 3 it’s not worth it
    ⁃ Make energy consistent at a higher number at 15 or 20. 10 isn’t worth it
    ⁃ Make kstar rewards only the 20 or 50. Not the 5 I have seen
    ⁃ Make the final earnable a guaranteed item. Or remove energy from this one and only have it be items/dye(again at least 5)/kstars
    ⁃ What happened to the diamonds that were supposed to be included in boxes?? *updated below
    Thank you for not including items from the daily gift box!!!!!! Update, but are we receiving clothing from achievements??

    Silver boxes
    ⁃ thank you for the rare dye but again it’s useless unless it’s at least 5
    ⁃ what happened to the diamonds that were supposed to be included?? It even had the picture in the sidebar so that was the only thing keeping me optimistic after opening 10 stars and 10 energy in the brown boxes

    out there suggestion but what if the first earnable box is the TB box that’s 600 points and second is an Earnable box. I think someone did the math and it would take years to get all of the available items in the TB boxes and people always complain how 600 is too much

    ⁃ I feel like there’s a better chance of getting kstars in the voting booth which is great 
    edit: jinxed myself and didn’t get a single kstar after I wrote this. I only got 150 cash each time 

    I don’t think triple threat should be available for purchase during the weekday. As a free player it worries me how many can now be bought. There was a limit of one in the weekend for a reason! Also people who didn’t get weekday SYS feel jipped because they don’t have the chance to purchase triple threat twice a week. Purchasing the 1/5/12 tickets is still okay in my view

    ⁃ why is is taking 20 minutes to calculate votes at the end when the rainbow realness took 2 minutes? Is the shorter time not going to be implemented?

    ⁃ I personally like tickets only stacking to 2, but I  am on EST so I am not affected by odd hours of play

    ⁃ maybe make it easier to switch between weekend and weekday SYS. I luckily collected my prizes this weekend but when I went in the next morning to take pictures of my looks I didn’t realize they would be gone, I watched my phone religiously for when weekday ended to collect so I wouldn’t lose it

    ⁃ I know the voting algorithm changed midway through but can we get a reason for that. Was it bots? Was it because androids low scores? I personally liked how fast the scores came in and was disappointed when it went back to taking an hour+

    ⁃ please give us a call for the weekday events (maybe this can be from kalinda since weekend is now Kim!) I saw kalinda said we should have received one but I don’t think anyone did

    ⁃ I love being able to revisit old themes I missed. I didn’t start playing again until nov/dec 2019 and so it’s fun to do these themes that I had missed

    ⁃ my TS group initially had 23, then the next day 25, and today 29. Why are people being added to groups that have started? It’s unfair for those people since they have no chance of getting earables or TS prizes. Not sure if that’s just because less people during testing but it is something that should be considered
    ⁃ Potentially in the future have people sign up to beta test and do a drawing from there. Some people on the FB group didn’t know what was going on/ didn’t want it and so I doubt that they will provide their opinions. This will also get more people who wanted to participate the ability to do so

    ⁃ There was a lack of communication on your end. Players did not know how many tickets we had, when the event would end and questions were ignored etc. Please don’t ignore your testers, we should know what is going on

    ⁃ have a better place for testers to put opinions, I know the forum makes it streamlined but there’s a lot you have to look through and I want to make sure nobody’s suggestions are missed And those not in the forum can discuss their opinions too

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    Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts
    Omg I had the white hair in my palette that everyone is coveting lol

    So the boxes are not exclusively TS items. Happy there's no energy, but only 3 twilight dyes? You can't even dye a dress with that. And weren't there 50 k star boxes in some ppls earnable boxes? No diamonds either. If they are going to earnables in the TS prize box, they should put TS items in the earnable boxes 🤷🏻‍♀️
    - Emmy
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    pilirositolampilirositolam Registered Users, Member 1,063 Posts
    Could someone show me the hairstyle in the 7th box? 😊

    I just created a fb account for my doll! Her in-game (iOS) name is Francesca. Add me: https://m.facebook.com/francesca.kkh.5?ref=bookmarks 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💞
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    Adriana_CoutoAdriana_Couto Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
    Safe to say that I’m highly disappointed... 😔
    really wish they didn’t put dyes in the boxes. Definitely feel like I’ve waisted both time and money on this 
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    letusletus Registered Users, Member 760 Posts

    My final thoughts, @KalindaKing

    • I was super happy I got picked, since I began SYS in March and missed many things and now I get the chance to get them.
    • Good opportunity to win more diamonds in the game which is nice.
    • I had no glitches (iOs) and the experience overall went super smoothly.
    • Since I didn’t know exactly what are the TS prizes, I didn’t stress much, which is great. And I do know stress is relative, but then I think top 10 could get a TS box or have the chance to win at least some diamonds, instead of the usual 5 kstars + some money.
    • Energy on the earnable boxes is a no. I get the k stars and dyes to create a challenge otherwise everybody would have everything, but at least it should be a good amount of rare dyes and they could also include diamonds. But definitely no energy. 
    •  I feel like it does occupy a lot of week time, and people are working and all, so I believe that they could let us stack 3 tickets os at least diminish the total number of votes to get to the last earnable box, to like 500.
    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
    my doll’s name is leticia 
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    RedVelvetRedVelvet Registered Users, Member 276 Posts
    This was my silver box, the Lana del Rey was right there and I picked the 20 kstars... choices.
    However there were no diamonds in sight 👀 and only 3 dyes for each!!! Clownery. 

    Glu, I come here once again to tell you: Please remove the dyes and energy. Increase the amount of k-stars, especially in these silver boxes. 
    ✨ ios player
    ✨ english isn’t my first language
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    livyxlivyx Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    Since the weekday SYS ended, here are some notes I took about my experience. I hope Glu reads our observations.

    First of all, I'm very grateful my game got randomly picked. Here are my thoughts about the event, starting by the positives:

    • I love the idea of a weekday SYS since I'm a daily player and adore this game, so thank you Glu for coming up with this idea!

    • Giving us the opportunity of earning old SYS items is really great, especially for new players

    • I didn't experience any technical issues during the event: I had no trouble submitting looks, the TS came in after I submitted my 1st look, the voting in the voting booth didn't have any issues for me, and all of my points were counted

    • I really appreciate that diamonds are included in the earnables since it's the most rare currency in the game

    And here are some things I would like for Glu to consider to change when the event becomes available for all of the players:

    • The earnable boxes: I don't mind that they contain dyes and k-stars and I don't necesarly consider they should only contain the throwback items - I understand that Glu might think that if they put only the throwback items in the earnable boxes, a lot of players will quickly get all of the items or the items they want, and they'll loose interest about the event. However, the boxes really need to be improved: having 10 and 15 energy is really bad since we can get the exact same amount on daily GB without doing anything but opening the game - I just don't see the point of playing and spending money on boxes and risk to have the prize I can already get everyday for free in a different box. The dyes also need to be different than those we get during daily GB and TB boxes - we already get pink, purple and green dyes in those boxes, there is absolutely no need to include them during SYS boxes. Finally, every player should have the same amount of k-stars and dyes in the earnable boxes: it’s really strange some of us had 10 k-stars and others 50, or 3 dyes and others 5. Please just make the earnable boxes more attractive so people have interest and are exited about playing the SYS!

    • This event is more chill than the regular SYS since we play to get past items. Therefore, we should stress less about it, whereas the idea of having TS is really anxious - we basically need to fight 7 days a week to have a chance to win something, which isn't ideal. I understand a game needs to make money so that's why the players can buy tickets and the TS exists, but I really think that one SYS a week with competition and a way to make money is enough, there is no need to have two of them. I would really appreciate if Glu considered the idea of deleting the TS for the weekday SYS, and include the TS box as the last earnable - that way, we would have 1 earnable box and 1 TS box. By deleting the TS during weekday SYS, Glu would still make money with the regular SYS and would keep the most loyal players (including myself)

    • Please let us stack 3 tickets instead of 2! The players have real life responsabilites and/or sleep schedules, and we cannot always think about the game or play it. With my schedule, it's impossible for me to submit looks with that time lapse. It would also resolve the problem of time zones some players already pointed out in the thread

    iOS player since December 2014 🇫🇷🇵🇱
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