🗳️KK:H SYS 9/3/20 - Time for the Masquerade!🎭❓



  • buriteriburiteri Registered Users, Member 485 Posts
    edited September 2020
    buriteri said:
    Soooo..... ignoring Kim’s call, I’m just going to take my “tortured dark romantic angel” concept and roll with it for this SYS 😂 I’d love to wear some brighter clothing but my only two, dark masks won’t allow me 🙃

    @buriteri where did you get the lace mask?? its the best one ive seen!
    @samanthakkh idk where’s originally from but I won it in my TB box a few months ago 🙂 the icon it has with it suggest Halloween tho. I never really had much use for it until now 😂
  • D98D98 Registered Users, Member 437 Posts
    I like the articles that we can win,the TS articles do not like the truth very much,So I will only have fun this weekend,success for everyone....💜
  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    rach89 said:

    I'm not even trying anymore lol
    If that’s you not trying I should just let myself out 😂 ps I’m obsessed with that 4th dress/hair 😍 All of your looks are gorgeous tbh!
    Thank you so much doll! I used to spend hours planning my looks for SYS down to the exact accessory for every look but I'm so fed up with the game recently that I'm reluctant to put in the effort to even get the earnables 😩

    Good luck with SYS though and thank you again! I hope you win everything you want 💕
  • LaraDeenLaraDeen Registered Users, Member 108 Posts

    I'm not even trying anymore lol
    I love everything that you put together in these looks. All gorgeous!
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,751 Posts
    @thesweetone do you know if that champagne bottle is available for diamonds as well?
    Tbh, no idea, but I'd say yes, since most of the handhelds are available 
  • SusonSuson Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    Oh I love the earnables but no mask! Eek! Also that poofy TS dress looks a lot like the poofy dress we got for the starry night SYS... Not a fan
  • LibbyLibby Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    Does anyone know if the VIP weekend is this weekend or the next?
  • LibbyLibby Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    edited September 2020
    I don’t have any mask except the one I can buy with stars. I put together some looks. 

  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,653 Posts
    Libby said:
    Does anyone know if the VIP weekend is this weekend or the next?
    Kalinda said it’s this weekend.
  • maee1506maee1506 Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    @Libby it's this weekend ☺️
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  • rach89rach89 Registered Users, Member 450 Posts
    @princessprecious You’re welcome ❤️ I get it, I’m just trying to make the best of it and have fun. And thank you, I already know you’ll do well. 🥰
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,142 Posts
    kittykatx said:
    Masquerade ready with @AmyMimi @mandamay76 and @buriteri  ✨🤩
    @kittykatx we all look so lovely 💕 thank you for including me 😊
    iOS 😊
  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 539 Posts
    This SYS is a mess already and hasn’t even started yet. 
    I’ll be buying the cat mask as I don’t own any others 🙃🙃
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    edited September 2020
    @saintsofheather I definitely do not mind 💕 I really think the NYE dress is a good investment, I also bought it for diamonds and I haven’t regretted it. It scores really well and dyes beautifully. And the details in the fabric is amazing ! 😍
  • Charlotte_DCharlotte_D Registered Users, Member 231 Posts
    edited September 2020

    Is this classed as a mask? If not I’m f###ed 😂😂
  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    @kittykatx thank you for including me <3
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 27,699 Posts
    You're right it's a VIP weekend, and we just opened the thread! :)
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  • serahyyyserahyyy Registered Users, Member 436 Posts
    Only one mask here too. At least it uses only one dye. This mermaid dress is a perfect match to almost every shade of this kstar mask

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  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    Until I get a mask and more yellow dye, (in my opinion, that looks prettier and more “realistic” than the gold) I have this outfit to submit. Do you approve? How would this do in terms of a score? 

    Submit - Awesome 
    Nah wait until a mask and dye - Lol
  • kkhmariekkhmarie Registered Users, Member 195 Posts
    i dont have a mask so this will be interesting i guess
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,843 Posts
    lol @simoon you’re so right 😂 Every day is a (nose and mouth) masquerade 
  • lunaaalunaaa Registered Users, Member 175 Posts
    Dolls, I have a question. Do you think the butterfly aura will boost the scores like most of the SYS's or would it be irrelevant this SYS?
    Agree - Use it, it will improve your scores
    Like - Don't use it unless you want your looks to flop
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  • Emme1216Emme1216 Registered Users, Member 401 Posts
    @lunaaa I think any aura works cause they draw players eyes and they'll click on that one if they're half paying attention. 
  • lunaaalunaaa Registered Users, Member 175 Posts
    @Emme1216 thank you! I never thought that way 😄
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