🎆v11.4 Update - Kim's Birthday/Halloween/Oh Boy!🎂🎃🎇



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    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get well soon!!

    uh hi
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get well soon lovelies! 
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    Get better soon @mikaylachimo @kittykatx 💓

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    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get well soon pretties ❤️
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    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
  • ClaraKKHClaraKKH Registered Users, Member 207 Posts
    @anilynbright I made a collage of the items from last year 🥳

    I think I’ll save my k-stars for black friday and Christmas boxes instead of Halloween boxes 😬 so excited for the update but seeing we have no news at all, I don’t know if I am hopeful enough to get it by Wednesday? 😅 Hope glu proves me wrong x
    20 year old iOS player from UK/Turkey 🌸
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  • sarahleesarahlee Registered Users, Member 450 Posts
    Update please 🦇 I’m so ready 🔮
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  • amykkhamykkh Registered Users, Member 85 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx wishing y’all a speedy recovery!! 
  • kittykatxkittykatx Registered Users, Member 215 Posts
    Thank you everyone!! 🥺💕💞 I’m feeling much better now, my head has stopped feeling all weird, just waiting for my taste and smell to come back! Still in isolation but allowed out on the 8th! 
  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,200 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx Get well soon beauties! I hope you’ll recover fast! 💕


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    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx Get better soon loves 💞 Stay strong!
  • alixoalixo Registered Users, Member 78 Posts
    edited October 2020
    @KalindaKing can you tell us if we're getting the update today?
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  • RoyaltyyRoyaltyy Registered Users, Member 168 Posts
    Y'all I don't think this update is coming today because the update will usually come after the Couture Kollection timer runs out. And the timer is still above 8hrs left. It's currently 6:34pm where I am so I'll probably just check tomorrow morning. @KalindaKing pls tell me I'm wrong🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 26,880 Posts
    omgosh, I just read of our Covid outbreak,  @mikaylachimo @kittykatx I hope you both recover swiftly.   Sending love your way.  <3
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  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,071 Posts
    @mikaylachimo and @kittykatx get well soon, dolls!! 
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  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,023 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get better soon! i’m wishing you both a speedy recovery 💗
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  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 1,854 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx hope that you both feel better and have a quick recovery ! 💕 Wishing everyone good health especially coming into the colder months !
    iOS 😊
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    @jhabs yea i definitely think im saving most of my stars for christmas boxes even though i really want that cinderella dress 😢 and fingers crossed black friday is something worth waiting for 😭
  • charlottegoldcharlottegold Registered Users, Member 1,991 Posts
    @mikaylachimo omg I hope you and your boyfriend have a very quick recovery!! hang in there ♥️♥️
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx its so brave of you both to share this with us! i hope both of you guys get well soon 💪🏽✨💕
  • Asena_55Asena_55 Registered Users, Member 106 Posts
    It‘s almost 8pm here I doubt we can the update today 🙄 I wish they would at least tell us when it‘s coming so we don‘t waste our time for nothing.
  • moonlightsmoonlights Registered Users, Member 72 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get well soon, lovelies! Wishing you a speedy recovery! 💕
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  • kkh_claricekkh_clarice Registered Users, Member 1,149 Posts

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  • garibelalagaribelala Registered Users, Member 216 Posts
    @Asena_55 agree! I really wish that the updates were like in most games that’s scheduled for a specific time and day of the week, so we know when we are supposed to get it, like “it’s always on mondays 2pm” or something 
  • _Nova__Nova_ Registered Users, Member 203 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx hope you get well soon 💕
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,424 Posts
    Now I think that Christmas boxes are way better. I like some items from Halloween. I’m so lost right now and don’t know what to do🤯
    iOS doll 
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  • JenniferKKHollywoodJenniferKKHollywood Registered Users, Member 358 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kittykatx get well soon dolls! 💓
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  • sarahleesarahlee Registered Users, Member 450 Posts
    Waiting is killing me
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