This is what’s best for me right now. (Vent)

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Edit: The issue doesn’t matter to me anymore 🙂


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    @pristineperson have you tried with a pm to @KalindaKing ?
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    abasili93 said:
    @pristineperson have you tried with a pm to @KalindaKing ?
    Yep, she pulled up the emails I gave her and she said nothing came up, even though I swore I used one of the emails.
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    Girl I feel your pain.. My game crashes so often and the last time I lost my diamond bundle with that beautiful hair and now I am even scared to buy anything from diamonds because I might lose it again.. I don't know why you lose items from your kloset and I know for a fact that its terrible. I can just say that try contacting Kalinda and try to make her understand about the issue you're facing.. and also try to keep a screenshot as a proof of what you've won so that the next time you lose it, you have the screenshot to prove. I have faced similar problems and eggs suggested to keep the screenshots just in case because glu backs up our game only once a day. They won't be able to help if they don't see that progress at their end. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this but health is really important and don't compromise with it. And no you're definitely not overreacting, we have all spent so much of our time on this game and if something like this happens so often, its going to be very frustrating.
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    you should definitely take up the acting school offer, doll! don't let the game affect that - either way you should go :) hope your acct gets restored!
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    Did you give Kalinda the email you registered Facebook with? That may work. My friend had this trouble a year ago. I asked her how she fixed it after reading this post. She said that she had to save things on her phone, reset the phone to new, download KKH (and her other apps) back to her phone, and then it acted like nothing ever happened.

    As far as things missing: I've been dealing with this too. I took a spin on the new kollection and lost diamonds, outfits don't transfer to my kloset, and things I've bought before magically goes back on the purchase side. 

    If someone thinks you're over reacting, ignore them! This is what you enjoy and your feelings ARE valid, no matter what it's about. I can imagine this is frustrating, if this happened to me I would be stressed and upset. This may be "just a game", but for many of us (myself included) it's an escape when things get hard irl. 

    I hope you get everything back soon. 🤗🤗😘😘
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    This must be tough.. I hope you will recover your game asap, you deserve to enjoy playing again 🤗
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    I feel your pain. I have never contacted Kalinda myself but I’ve heard she is helpful. The in-game support on the other hand is one of the worst. They always use unhelpful generic responses. It’s sometimes like they have never played the game themselves. 
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    Glu is working on this for Everyone. Please let them do their thing. If you have your ID number send it to Kalinda. If not, then please be patient while they fix this.  
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    If they are fixing it I hope we don’t have to wait till next update, just like the videos.
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