Kim’s gift

QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior MemberRegistered Users 120 Posts
I got a call from Kim at the end of a storyline to meet her somewhere for a pair of wings she didn’t want. Does anyone remember where that is?
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  • yourneighborhoodCatyourneighborhoodCat Registered Users, Member 28 Posts
    I thought she said to meet her at her house in Beverly Hills but she wasn’t there👁👄👁
  • daniekkhdaniekkh Registered Users, Member 268 Posts
    She didn't actually say there was a gift, it was all a big confusion 🥺

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  • QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    Thank you guys. I thought it was just me. I’ve been flying around everywhere looking for her and nothing Smh.
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    Instagram: @QueenSukii
    iPhone 8 iOS 11.1
  • a1335a1335 Registered Users, Member 51 Posts
    Awe I was confused too I was so excited because I have absolutely nothing for this sys!
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