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I’ve played the game from the day it came out until my second daughter was born. Couple of weeks ago I started playing again and I have a couple of (Mixed) questions. 

- I’m saving for Black Friday, best tip on getting quick stars? 
- Are the SYS groups randomly filled with players that start at the same time? Or is it also on level etc? 
- is it true that with voting on the SYS you can also earn an extra ticket and/or diamonds? So far this has not happened to me but I’ve read about it. 
- is VIP next weekend worth it? What’s usually in it? 

Thank you! 


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    Hey! Welcome to the forum!
    - watch daily video ads and do offers.
    - I believe that SYS groups are filled randomly with players.
    - you can definitely earn diamonds by voting, but it is very rare. You cannot win additional tickets by voting.
    - it depends on whether you like earnable items or not. We get to earn new items by spending k-stars.
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    Hi! Welcome back! I can answer a few of the questions although others can correct me/add on!
    1. One of the ways to getting quick stars is watching your daily videos. Another way is (I'm not sure what it's called but) there's some weeks where you can earn literally hundreds of kstars by doing tasks like downloading a game and reaching a certain level or donating to a charity, signing up for 30 day trials for TV cable, etc.
    2. I believe we are grouped based on when we post our first outfit! I'm not 100% sure though.
    3. I've heard of and seen earning extra diamonds but not tickets!
    4. Whether the VIP is worth it depends on you! If you like the items, it'll be worth it and if you don't, you'll save your kstars for the next weekend events and Black Friday! It's usually clothes, makeup, hand helds, auras (rare), it really depends so keep a lookout for spoilers that Kalinda posts!
    Hope I answered them okay! 

    Edit: typo
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    Thank you both! 
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    I agree with everything, except for the SYS filling Randomly.  It is filled with players posting their looks at the same time.  I have 2 Androids.  One time I had both Androids dressed and ready to go.  Hit submit on one,  turned to the other tab and submit that one.  My Androids were not only in the same group, one was right under the other till votes started coming in. 
    After that, I always wait for one Android to have votes, before starting the other Android.  They've never been in the same group together again.  :smile: and Welcome!

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