🗳️🍹SYS: 11/5/20 ~ 80's Prom Night - 1st Event with New SYS Levels!🎓💃🕺



  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,384 Posts
    Soo now Trendsetter is called Style level?? Interesting!
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  • sandraliissandraliis Registered Users, Member 409 Posts
    So the Silver and Gold levels haven’t been added in this update yet? So basically the SYS event is still the same format for now? Lol why confuse use us like that for nothing 🥴

    Everyone will start at the bottom, but as Kalinda said, you'll find out your style level after every sys, so next sys some people will be bronze II and the sys after that some will be bronze III ... You can only step up one level at time.
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  • e_corvoe_corvo Registered Users, Member 434 Posts
    @thatgalbia thank you <3
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  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    Doesn’t rank 6-8 get throwback boxes? But I don’t don’t see a throwback box as one of the prizes? Idk lmk if I got it confused
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  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @KalindaKing will second place and up move on to bronze level 2 next week? 
  • cazmulgscazmulgs Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    I still don’t get it lol
  • simoonsimoon Registered Users, Member 236 Posts
    @TheKylie you could also see it in a way that the number 2 now gets 2 prizes instead of one, and not be negative about it since you legit always got 1 item in top 5 (number 1 excluded)
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  • meritedkkhmeritedkkh Registered Users, Member 673 Posts
    edited November 2020
    Nvm, I’m dumb. 😭
  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    @e_corvo maybe these dolls don’t have 80s clothes?
  • rose2797rose2797 Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    Can someone whos group is already getting votes post the prizes for ranks lower than 5th place? 
  • morganngabriellemorganngabrielle Registered Users, Member 284 Posts
    I was clueless on what to wear for this SYS but saw this dress as inspo from a few people so decided to use it for my first look..

    I guess I will be sticking to the basic overused gowns 😅
  • Asena_55Asena_55 Registered Users, Member 243 Posts
    I already have ticket buyers in my group. The first person has already over 500 points and the event just started 20 minutes ago. 🤨
  • EloiseAnnEloiseAnn New Member Registered Users 94 Posts
    edited November 2020
    One of my lowest scores ever 😕. I thought it looked 80s
    Voting booth looks to be normal gowns 

  • HazelllllllkkhHazelllllllkkh Registered Users, Member 196 Posts

    These weren’t my best looks ever but I was still expecting better....
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  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,742 Posts
    Yep, i still dont like It. Now I can only hope to get that only one item all the time and probably always shoes or accessory 🥺
    But I really want this tiara so I’m hoping to get in top 5 😣
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  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    I feel soo petty rn 😭 I seen a doll from my TS group and voted for the other doll, but I mean to be fair she wasn’t on theme
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,999 Posts
    edited November 2020
    The voting booth is a mess. I don't know what to submit

    I think I may do a hybrid... a unique/less common gown and big hair? ARGHHH!
  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    ViennaKKH said:
    So if you’re in Bronze I : the prize ranks looks like this

    So no throwback boxes?
  • benavi12benavi12 Registered Users, Member 135 Posts
    @e_corvo Kim did say ruffles and big puffy skirts, so I do think the second doll is on theme. Her hair could be a bit more teased and curled but I still think she’s on theme. These are other styles for 80’s dresses if other dolls need help because I know I’ll be struggling too lol 😅
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    I don’t know what to do with this theme
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  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,632 Posts
    @Spleen awesooome! @ViennaKKH is Belgian too! Happy to represent our country more hahaha
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  • e_corvoe_corvo Registered Users, Member 434 Posts
    @ViennaKKH i think if they have money to buy tickets they most certainly have money to buy small kstars bundle, or idk spend some savings on one dress from the kloset

    ~ iOS player since 2014
    ~ English is not my first language. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

  • anilynbrightanilynbright Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    Wasn’t there suppose to be TB box starting from 6th place? Am I missing smt?
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,999 Posts
    I don't know how to read this style ranking. Are we competing with more than 30 people now?
  • kitCatkitCat Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    So sad 🥺😔 

  • cazmulgscazmulgs Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    Ngl i sometimes buy triple threats and I don’t really understand what my incentive to keep buying them is anymore 
  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 326 Posts
    Omg! Did anyone else get diamonds for voting in the booth? I got two 😍
  • anocadosanocados Registered Users, Member 67 Posts
    I can already tell that this is going to be a hard one. 1/10 looks are absolutely gorge and then the rest are just ????? like who'd wear kaki jeans to a prom I feel bad 
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