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    benavi12 said:
    Sorry but I’m convinced these people who spend this kind of cash on a virtual game are in the illegal crime industry because no normal person has this type of disposal income to splash 
    Some people use their money in different ways, not very nice to assume they are in an illegal industry in my opinion. It really sucks when other players don't have a chance at all for the prizes so I understand the frustration but we can't assume anything about what they do for a living.

    Obviously I don’t actually think that? Hence why I attempted to make my statement lighthearted 

    but also tho I’m still confused ?? Why spend that amount willingly when the next person is 600 points down 

    ( also noting I’m not judging anyone on here nor do I care how strangers spend their money, everyone is pixels to me in the game) 🙄
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    I liked it better when I was in bronze 1 & 2. But you can't do well without leveling up anyway. 
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    Was just about to make an appreciation post for my TS group for not having TBs but never mind. 
  • NinishNinish Registered Users, Member 140 Posts

    So silver II is a nightmare...
    currently I’m in 20th with 94 points😂😭
    If any of the TBs in my group see this, those prizes are literally not worth all that money and most of you won’t even get them!
  • alison31alison31 Registered Users, Member 109 Posts
    I’m 16th (actually im 19th lol) with a point of 78.. I really didn’t thought Silver I group would be like this. This new system can go to hell 🤡
  • NinishNinish Registered Users, Member 140 Posts
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    @jusbcalm In my opinion, Glu should group all extreme TBs together lol.

    If we think about it, that's exactly what's happening. Eventually extreme TBs will outscore everyone in the Silver ties and end up together in Gold. Well, at least I hope so because that'd be interesting to see 
    But the problem is that every time you score well and win some items you will level up so you end up with the TBs. And that will probably prevent you from winning things the SYS after

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    @supikarolcia I think we’re in the same group!

    I’m Hazel and in 18th place lmao, planning on not leveling up for next sys 💀💀
    edit: I think you’re right above me lol
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    we love to see it👏🤩
    (this doll is also absolutely stunning🥺)
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    SugarK said:
    For newer forum members, a little history .... well over a year ago requests were made for a dedicated thread to compile all SYS feedback and the requests were denied.  Instead we were told to write our feedback in each SYS thread.  This is the reason you see some comments (good and bad) repeated over and over in each forum thread.

    Edit: SYS thread, not forum thread 😂
    Older history, when we asked players to use a dedicated thread for complaints about the Event, players where adamant that they won’t be told where to post. True, A few months a handful of players said they wanted a dedicated thread. However,  Players had already voiced their opinion, and thus no separate thread.  That’s the full history. 
    And hi Sugar.  Nice to see you again.  I love how players come ‘home’ for the holidays.  I think you’re the 1st.   <3.  I was thinking about you the other day.  Hope you are staying safe in this pandemic.  
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    Same here! :( I voted for your look though. 
  • Stefani_HStefani_H Registered Users, Member 867 Posts
    It drives me crazy that my only hobby since the past 3 weeks have been KKH and Animal Crossing since I'm spending my lockdown away from home. I can't wait to go back to my boyfriend and my cats so I can stop paying too much attention to this game lol
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  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 524 Posts

    Kept it kinda boring for my first looks since they always flop but still, I don’t think they were that bad 🙃🙃
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • morganngabriellemorganngabrielle Registered Users, Member 134 Posts
    Currently in 18th place with 80 votes 😅 and the top 12 in my TS group have all submitted at least one extra ticket

    It’s fine, I’m fine 🙃
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    brunakkh said:
    @Gingerkkh I understand that it seems like more people are getting the prizes, but compared to the old format where top 5 would get the dress, now top 5 only gets a necklace, its hard to compare cause we are having more ts prizes than we did, but it would be so much better if more people got the actual good ts prizes
    Is that how it will be once gold 3 is revealed people in bronze 3 for example will only be left with accessories even in 1st place? I think I am just not fully understanding how the leveling works.

    What I thought was people were saying  they hated this sys (mainly other places online not here as I couldn't keep up with the threads) because they were upset because it meant more ticket buyers but that hasn't been my experience. Old sys 9.9 out of 10 times 1st place was almost always a ticket buyer.

    Thank you for explaining your thoughts I sincerely appreciate it. I guess I didn't see it that way because I remember times top 2-5 in old sys ended up with earrings or a bag or half an outfit etc. So my thinking was well at least people in 6 & 7 place will get it too & lower ranks get a ts or bronze box. I definitely understand your point & can absolutely see your side & do see why it is so upsetting to so many now. Hopefully Glu will do something about it to make the majority of their customers happy. 

  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,610 Posts
    all I can say is 😂😂😂
    I will only be submitting looks that I like and hopefully I drop down a level 
    FYI to glu - your players should not want to drop down and feel like this during a game. You’re seriously doing something wrong and I will never buy a triple threat or anything in this game ever again now.
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    No ticket buyers in my group as yet, wow I’m actually shook 🤭😳
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
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    nvm i’m so tired of this place
  • GingerkkhGingerkkh Registered Users 96 Posts
    The voting booth is such a mess still at least for me on Android. I am seeing so many beautiful dolls on theme with pretty sparkling dresses but they lose the popular vote to dolls in jeans/shorts & t-shirts. 
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    this, combined with my highest score being a 27 so far....I'd laugh if it wasn't such a frustrating situation. 
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    all I can say is 😂😂😂
    I will only be submitting looks that I like and hopefully I drop down a level 
    FYI to glu - your players should not want to drop down and feel like this during a game. You’re seriously doing something wrong and I will never buy a triple threat or anything in this game ever again now.
    That purple dress is beautiful 😍 where did you get it? 
  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,610 Posts
    @munimuni a vip event last year I believe! It’s available for diamonds 
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