Game won’t load

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Hey is anyone else experiencing this on IOS?My game starts like it's loading but then it goes back again and throws me back to the start. It never loads past 12% or 17% I've restarted my iPhone over and over, deleted things I don't need to see if space was the issue, I have like 10GB of space ,neither have worked.


  • MerryLynnMerryLynn Registered Users, Member 10 Posts

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    My game is doing this. Did you ever find the solution?
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    edited November 2020
    Mines also crashing ☹️ Also IOS

    update 9.24pm U.K. Time - it’s working now 
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    Mine did this on Android last week. It caused me to miss items during the Red Carpet SYS. Customer service is a joke and won't help at all. Mine just ended up working some hours later.
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