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Hey guys, I saw the earn-able set for this weekends House Party challenge and really loved the dress and hair. I started on Friday morning and even woke myself up in the middle of the night to finish parties but I didn’t even earn the dress. Why is it so unbelievably difficult??? I keep reading the advice to invite guests and do “small talk” but when I invite contacts, I can only either charm (5 stars) or just say hi and NEITHER of them give me purple hearts or contribute to my party score. What am I doing wrong?


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    Are you doing your parties in the Bel Air mansion. Starting off in the dining room where you choose a three hour party. You allowed to invite 9 friends if I’m not mistaken 
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  • ellie_kabellieellie_kabellie Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Yep! I click the purple icon for inviting guests and when the come, there’s a blue talking bubble with a black star. When I click that, that’s when I get the “charm” or “hi” options. Either choice only gives me a blue star (like in normal gigs) :(
  • ellie_kabellieellie_kabellie Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Oh wait, does in not work for 8 hr parties?
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    There’s a bubble on top of any NPC you invite to parties, gigs, events like below:

    When you click it, there’s an action and it gives a lot more rewards than normal actions: 

    You can invite people in the dining room, living room, main entry, pool, and grotto in the Bel Air Mansion and by using the action with each person like above it completes a 3 hour party. 8 hour events take more energy and theres only a slightly higher payout. It’s faster and easier to complete 3 hour events and you can do 1-2 more over the same time span of a single 8 hour event. Hope this helps! 

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  • ellie_kabellieellie_kabellie Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
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    Thank you so much for your reply! I’m so frustrated though, I do everything that you mention but there’s never an additional bubble above them for actions with them (like pose for pictures)! I have a bunch of other bubbles like get a drink, or dance, etc but never anything to do with the guest! I have no idea why. But the tip for doing 3 hr instead of 8 hr parties is interesting and helpful, thank you :)
  • isladelaneeyisladelaneey Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    @ellie_kabellie ah I’m so sorry, that is super frustrating. Yes 3 hour reality shows are good for the 5 star professional events during the week too. Best of luck! 
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    - do 3 hr reality events for throwback weekday events, reality events, and professional events in the bel-air mansion 
    - 3 hr party’s for party events in the bel-air mansion
    - dates at LAX or Soho, Oak 💕 

    i also recommend making sure that you have a bonus star for all of these 
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