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    milrist said:
    What I hope for is if this sys format stays the players will end up filtering through this style level funnel. The gold 5,4,3 levels will be full of ticket buyers while the gold 1 or 2 won't. So the people in the highest level will constantly battle each other while the rest of us will have calmer groups.
    I remember a lot of people suggesting to move ticket buyers to a different group and that is exactly what this format is doing. Just takes time to see if the actual filter will work the way one could hope it will.

    Edit: I'm not sure if this was already said. Haven't been around for a month.
    There is only one level in Gold, and even though it is full of TBs, every SYS only the top 3rd stay in gold and the bottom 20 players get levelled down to Silver III.  Unless you are in Bronze (where the top 2 prizes aren't included for anyone) there will always be TBs in your group.  
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    absolutely nothing is personal here. @kokokokonut  i’m sorry the negativity and complaints have to assume the threads you create (where else would we post them?) but unless the system is changed there is simply nothing else to expect. i think that has been clear for weeks now. you’re the community moderator whether the feedback the players give is positive or negative and it’s just unrealistic to think (at this point) that there will be much, if any, positivity. do you like the new sys? do you have positive feelings about it? are you enjoying it? nevertheless, thank you for creating threads for us to complain in. you rock 😊

    It’s not my thread. My complaint is with no comment snarky graphics, when they  overshadow actual conversation.  2 minutes after someone contributes constructively, calling the forum dead is disrespectful of that poster.  If you really want to know my thoughts, send me a message.  You can post negatively about the game, without diminishing another’s contributions. You can constructively post in a negative manor.  But any post, had I posted those looks, that the forum was dead, would have made me stand up and say “what am I chopped liver?”
    there is a lot of snarkey graphics with no comment.  Post your coffin, but   Explain what got you to that point.   That is constructive.     And if another doll posts something without posting the game is dead, don’t act like they are invisible.  I get messages from members saying they would have posted but they steer clear of conflict.  If I’m wrong to say a thread that’s cold for 2 minutes isn’t dead, then color me wrong.  I’ll be in good company.  

    If you want to talk more about anything, message me with your concerns.   <3 (can’t help the heart.  I’m a very cheerful person. And I really care)

    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
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    Can someone share the Discord link 👀
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    edited December 2020
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    edited December 2020
    So bronze doesn't even get the damn dress 😤😬
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,744 Posts
    I’m so disappointed for this whole sys system that I don’t even know what to say..I don’t even want to play game anymore 😒 also I barely here in forum..not sure how long I’m gonna be playing if Glu not gonna change sys back. 
    iOS player 
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    not too excited about this one tbh.  :# i don't have a lot of pajama outfits, so i'm definitely gonna be in the bottom.
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    Here’s some stuff I threw on that I’ll try this weekend! Am leveling down this weekend to be in silver 2 this weekend. 

  • MaddieFlowersMaddieFlowers Registered Users, Member 38 Posts

    @Rikk prize distribution. It’s still only first place gets the dress ☹️☹️
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    not too excited about this one tbh.  :# i don't have a lot of pajama outfits, so i'm definitely gonna be in the bottom.
    doesnt matter if i have any pjs or stuff to wear, will still be at the bottom because of TBs LMAO
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    Does anyone have the prize distribution in silver 1 that can share it with me?
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    @lalana ohhhh at first I thought Kim was talking about the face masks for covid and was confused 😂
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