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So i opened a second account in the game about a week ago and i noticed I can't get more that 10 videos to earn k stars, does anyone know why?
And also when i first started to play on my main account (somewhere last year) i got to watch something like 80 videos for k stars in one day, (it was a one time thing, i guess so i will have something to begin with) but now i didn't got something like that, did anyone else had that?
And i have another question 🤭: at what level am i supposed to get the weekly storyline and the SYS events? (I am currently on level 11)
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  • mayadamahermayadamaher Registered Users, Member 90 Posts
    When i first started playing earlier this year i used to get lots of videos for k stars but i dont know the exact number, after one of the update they videos are reduced to 10 sometimes even less. 
    For the second question i believe you have to be level 12 or more to get the SYS
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