🗳️🩱 SYS 2/11/21 - Lovely Lingerie!👙 🌹



  • bethwbethw Registered Users, Member 168 Posts
    I absolutely adore the box dress and hair!! I don’t know whether to risk opening one or not 🥲 they’re so pretty 
  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,195 Posts
    @KalindaKing what events are the throwback items from this time?
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  • RenaikoRenaiko Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    Tried to come up with some looks!
  • itsgigirosinaitsgigirosina Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    edited February 10

  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,017 Posts
    Earnables: not my style, I don’t like them. 
    TS: love the lingerie and gloves. 
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  • TessakkhTessakkh Registered Users, Member 221 Posts
    Definitely not going to spend diamonds if the SYS throwback items are not updated yet 
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 564 Posts
    Love everything (I love lingerie in general but still) hope I can get something out of this
  • mirthemirthe Registered Users, Member 334 Posts

    English is not my first language✨
  • mirthemirthe Registered Users, Member 334 Posts
    Well I’m happy sleepwear will do too
    English is not my first language✨
  • MissMissy0717MissMissy0717 Registered Users, Member 184 Posts
    At least with another sleepwear SYS I can get good use of the pj outfits I bought this past BF! ✌🏼
  • hyndiehyndie Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    Ugh this show your style is going to be really hard for me!
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  • moriacasanmoriacasan Registered Users, Member 138 Posts

    ummm not so sure about my looks but yeah this is what i come up with 🤔 it's finals season in my college and i'm doing this while procrastinating 😂 how embarrassing
  • GemmaStylesGemmaStyles Registered Users, Member 33 Posts

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