Cash & KStar Favorite Closet Items!

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Hey guys! Here I’m hoping we can share some of our favourite items which are available for cash and kstars in the closet! Anything from dresses to hair and makeup, I’d love to see all of it because I thought it would be nice for people to share our fashion faves which are available to everyone at all times for cash and Kstars 🥰❤️


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    Ok, so everybody hates this shirt in all it’s colors. 

    It was 40 KStars, and when I bought stars for the jet, I splurged and bought the shirt you all hate, but I love.   I get weak over a good ruffle. Ruffles and braids - I love either one but give me both in a leather purse and Just take my money I’m doomed. So the ruffled shirt reminded me of my signature look in college. Big black boots, leggings insid4, and a romantic top.  Oh, and I’ve worn braids since my mother taught me.  In fact this is my hair now, except the braid is longer.  <3
    ‘and this whole outfit was In the closet on sale for stars!- welcome to the forum @helele  now show us one of your cash or KStar looks?

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    @kokokokonut ahhh thank you for sharing I love it! And honestly I want to love that shirt so badly but I can just never find a good fit for it 😭
    There are so many items which I love but can’t afford just yet but out of the ones I own so far here’s one of my fave looks! The only thing not from the closet is the necklace :) also just want to take a moment to appreciate these lips they’re literally perfect with every look !!
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    Lovely thread idea! So the dress is something I had been eyeing when I first (re)started last year! I also love the earrings and shoes from the kloset as well! They match almost anything and the dress dyes perfectly with almost all of the dye options ❤️ 

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    @stellarsphere such a beautiful look! That dress is also a huge fave of mine and I love that it’s available for cash! and the luxurious jewellery is just gorgeous hehe 😉 
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    This is my go to outfit in the game. My doll wears it several times a week. The skirt, jacket and shoes were a cash purchase and I think they look so elegant dyed black. The earrings were cash as well and dyed champagne. The purse and hair were kstars. I have short hair in real life and love this style. 
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    Favorite kloset kstar items (shoes dyed black) and favorite kash items (except the hair - earrings dyed gold, shoes and shirt dyed black)

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    Here’s one of my doll’s casual (kind of lol) everyday outfits.  The shirt is $14,000, skirt is $1,000, and the shoes are $400 and are dyed black.  The hair and bag are not in the closet, and I’m not sure about the earrings, but my doll wears them with literally every outfit lol.

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  • helelehelele Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    @brunakkh both of those pants are huge faves of mine😍 such lovely looks!!
  • helelehelele Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    @Madison101supercute!! Also we got matching freckles lol I never saw another doll with freckles yet 😊
  • helelehelele Registered Users, Member 15 Posts

    I don’t own this jumpsuit yet but it’s definately next on my shopping list! It’s super casual but it just looks so cute and it comes with the shoes aswell so what’s not to like hehe. What do you guys think? Awesome- buy it! Like- save up for something more glam 
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    I’ve been playing this game for so long that I’m not even 100% sure what I have is a closet item or from an event 🥴 however, I love this flower print top ( dyed blue) with the jeans and boots. It’s something that I would wear irl 💙
  • Nina6475Nina6475 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts

    These looks don’t match super well but I just wanted to show a bunch of my favorites! There are so many more favorite closet items of mine but these are some that I wear alllll the time. 
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    i personally really like these items they’re so versatile and you can wear them with a lot of things. the animal print dress is rly unique tho and it makes me look like a baddie. all of these are for cash too!

    i’m not gonna show it here but i love jlo’s green versace jungle dress, and it’s something im definitely getting in the future 
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  • Anissa722Anissa722 Registered Users, Member 157 Posts
    This dress is my one of my favorites in the game. It also dyes great and scores pretty well during sys for me. 
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