✨RIGGED SYS VOTES✨ Infamous 60: A Thread of 30s after a perfect score



  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    Glu; there’s nothing shady going on with the votes 😊 

    every single player; 

    iOS player 
    level 69
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
     OP gave permission to post this (from the discord): 

    Platform: iOS
  • naeustsnaeusts Registered Users, Member 402 Posts
    These two looks are from my sister's doll, she spent the entire sys indignant with the votes she received. It's not possible that these looks had only these votes. I have no doubt that this voting system is rubbish!

  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    @naeusts wow those scores are so shocking! sorry to your sister, that would be sooo frustrating 
    Platform: iOS
  • CorannieCorannie Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    lulula said:
    @Corannie I am posting your looks here too but let me know if you would like me to remove them!

    I’m actually glad you posted this! I hope it gets all the attention it needs. Thanks girl ❤️
  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts

    Couldn’t find my original post so here’s my scores 
  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts

    This ish is real ! My scores have been In the high 40’s/50’s then boom, a 60 and then the next score plummets. It just not coincidental @kalindaking
  • violaviola Registered Users, Member 531 Posts
    from London street style #tb
  • hanh_kkhhanh_kkh Registered Users, Member 67 Posts
    from the tropical getaway (2/14/20) sys 
    iOS player since August 2014 and A++
    ~2 year hiatus; starting playing again in November 2019
  • lemonqueenlemonqueen Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Yeah I cant be bothered to play anymore when this is so blatantly rigged.. this is insane and GLU outta be ashamed of themselves.. 
  • valeetolar9valeetolar9 Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    Again... :( 

  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    @Lorrycakes I'm posting your screenshots here too if that's ok! let me know if you would like me to remove them

    Platform: iOS
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    @uglyjackie hope you don't mind me posting your screenshot here! let me know if you want me to remove it

    Platform: iOS
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    another victim of the curse from the discord: (received permission from OP)

    Platform: iOS
  • josiejosiejosiejosie Registered Users, Member 156 Posts
    My first 60 EVER and I didn’t even get to be happy about it.. this is insane??

  • beba13beba13 Registered Users, Member 680 Posts
    So i get a 60 after i dont even know how long and like some people said i cant even be happy about it because of this bull GLU does and still trys to make it like it never happenes and literally steals from their players, payed of free, no difference. 
    This is getting just ridiculous 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🌻IOS player🌻
    Been on KKH since day one with brakes 🥰
    Always looking for new friends 
    https://www.facebook.com/Bebac ♥️
  • JAGTDollJAGTDoll Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    edited April 2021
    I need an explanation! What's going on with these votes? 
  • Galaxaura14Galaxaura14 Registered Users, Member 284 Posts
    Already posted this in the Alien Invasion SYS 😭

    Got my first ever 60, but knowing poor scores comes next took away the feeling of achievement 

    These looks had scored over 50 prior to the 60 😔 I really hope this curse doesn''t carry over to the Pastel SYS starting today 😭
  • JenniferKKHollywoodJenniferKKHollywood Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    Happened to me this sys...

    @KalindaKing how can Glu keep saying that this isn’t a thing when it clearly is. Stop lying and start being transparent with your customers.
    iOS player 🌸
    English is not my first language so I apologize for my grammar 🙈
    Add me on facebook (let me know who you are on the forum if the names/picture don’t match)

  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    This is from the discord (OP gave permission to post!)

    Platform: iOS
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    @ashleydianem i know your last look isn't a 30 but it still counts as the curse! hope it's ok i post your screenshot here!

    Platform: iOS
  • ElenaaaElenaaa Registered Users, Member 468 Posts

    I like my 37 look more than my 60 for this theme
  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 337 Posts

  • morganngabriellemorganngabrielle Registered Users, Member 307 Posts

    I have been scoring high 40’s and 50’s all SYS, get a 60 and then 34!!!!! and the same exact look previously scored 51! Not to mentioned the fact that everyone’s looks were finished with voting within minutes of submitting. I am so sick of the shadiness

  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    @Anulika hope you don't mind im posting your screenshot here!

    Platform: iOS
  • babyface99babyface99 Registered Users, Member 255 Posts
     if nothing is wrong then why does it keep happening? @KalindaKing
  • EloiseAnnEloiseAnn Registered Users 94 Posts
    From the green event couple weeks ago
  • lilbabygracelilbabygrace Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    Since most people seem to get a 60 after scoring a lot of 50’s, I’m curious if anyone has gotten a 60 and then if their scores have maintained in the 50s? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone on the forum say that their scores haven’t tanked after a 60
    Not for 3 months now and it keeps getting worse.
  • IrisChanelIrisChanel Registered Users, Member 318 Posts
    Oh hello! This just happened in the pageant queen sys😑 and that was my first ever 60!

    Here for the fashion!
    You can add me on https://www.facebook.com/irischanel.kkh
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