🗳️ KK:H 4/5/21 SYS Korean Street Style!🗳️



  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,280 Posts
    I’m in gold and literally all my looks are 35-38’s and I only have one 40 look 😭
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    She/Her 💗
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  • CryingKimCryingKim Registered Users, Member 466 Posts
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    The earnable skirt is cute. It reminds me of Blackpink’s As If It’s Your Last era 💖💕

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  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,306 Posts
    @AmyMimi I love how you’ve styled the skirt. That hair style is fabulous 👌🏻💕
  • sariesarie Registered Users, Member 818 Posts

    heart broken too many times 🎶💔
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  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    @YoMomma thanks hun, it means a lot coming from you 💕😊 
    iOS 😊
  • emmymemmym Registered Users, Member 450 Posts
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    Look finished in 1 minute and 50 seconds
  • MucoMuco Registered Users, Member 138 Posts
    Clearly overusing the hair but these are my looks so far! Started super late and my Gold TS group is no fun this week. So just creating looks for fun and waiting on the earnable top 💗

  • AbbeymaeAbbeymae Registered Users, Member 761 Posts
    most recent look, i think i might be getting the hang of this now!
  • haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 483 Posts
    Y’all look sooo cute in the skirt, I wanted to share how I styled it as well :) I got it on my 6th ticket 😭

  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts

    Finally broke 40! 🎉
  • buffysummers0990buffysummers0990 Registered Users, Member 529 Posts
    My scores stay floppin harder than a fish outta water... At least the skirt is cute💔

  • Emme1216Emme1216 Registered Users, Member 406 Posts
    First of all, my votes are coming in less than two minutes... Okay, at the beginning of the SYS I can KIND OF see this. A lot of people start right then and vote so yeah, I can see how 60 people can see your look that quickly (that's a strong maybe).
    Two, there are so many dolls I've seen change their features to look "more Asian" while I'd love to say this could either be little girls/boys playing the game who don't understand how troubling this is even looking at this forum proves that wrong. Yes, theoretically it is YOUR doll. WEe get it. But after POC dolls have explained how wrong this is and personally seeing my adopted sister come home crying because people made fun of her eyes it makes me angry.
    Three, 100% of the ticket buyers in my group are bots. I see them time and time again and there's no way the outfits put together is this out there every time.
  • christelbensonnchristelbensonn Registered Users, Member 126 Posts
    I think I’m going to leave it here 🥺 I won’t be participating anymore this is totally nonsense it’s a game for Christ sake it’s meant to be enjoyable but not like this. votes keeps coming in like seconds and scores not worth it. It’s not enjoyable at all trust me buying tickets or not you still gets shitty votes I have spent money on 12 tickets twice but it’s didn’t change a thing. Sorry it’s tooo stressful then you have players in your group who makes it impossible for u to even win a price like the 1st in my team is 495 points away how do you try and catch up with that totally nonsense smh  
  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,278 Posts
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    My colleague and I ordered food over 1h ago and were still waiting. This is more frustrating then the scores coming in less then a min in

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  • asalaxoasalaxo Registered Users, Member 876 Posts
    I give up. this game is lame (:


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  • TessakkhTessakkh Registered Users, Member 244 Posts
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    Oh no.. I see a 60 coming 

    edit: just realizing how WEIRD it is that I’m scared to see such high scores... 
  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Senior Member Sofia, BulgariaRegistered Users 1,510 Posts
    @rikkksss thank you so much 🥺💋 

    @YoMomma i hope your scores pick up.. 🤞🏻 seeing such gorgeous dolls with amazing style and on theme struggling with the votes every single time is discouraging 
    Vats has my heart. Forever. 💕

  • JJthedrummer83JJthedrummer83 New Member Registered Users 149 Posts
    the skirt is so cute
    hollywood bitch so fake she seems real
  • periimiaperiimia Registered Users, Member 229 Posts
          Third place😊Really wanna get the hair🙏
  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts

    Went back down to the 30s again but now I'm back up in the 40s
  • tortortortor Registered Users, Member 927 Posts

    A few stunners I saw in the voting booth
  • iamkokoiamkoko Registered Users, Member 349 Posts
    haylee7 said:
    Hi dolls! I need some help pretty please! I feel like I need a signature look to fall back on. I feel like I’m always changing my lips and eyes and I really just can’t decide what I should keep as my baseline lol. Pls help me choose eyes & lips 

    agree: ombré & eden eyes 
    like: mole lips & eden eyes 
    awesome: kloset lips & eden eyes 
    lol: gs lips & eden eyes 

    if u think other eyes are better pls let me know. I know these eyes are used by many but they really are so pretty 🥺 

    also sorry to post this in the SYS thread, but there’s no where good to put this 

    Oooh I like number 6!
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