⭐KK:H Weekend 4/9/21- 5Star Professional Weekend Event! ⭐



  • carolinakkhcarolinakkh Registered Users, Member 196 Posts
    This is a bit random but I don’t know where to post this... does anyone know how to transfer a game from an android device to an iPhone?
    Thanks in advance 💕💕
  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,363 Posts
    Im not sure if I will pursue the cost, Im sooo busy. Loving the items so far

    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 63/ iOS
  • sariesarie Registered Users, Member 819 Posts
    This is a bit random but I don’t know where to post this... does anyone know how to transfer a game from an android device to an iPhone?
    Thanks in advance 💕💕
    sent you a link in a pm hoe it helps🤞
    23yo🦙, 🇨🇿/🇬🇧, Android
  • watermelonsugarhighwatermelonsugarhigh Registered Users, Member 1,383 Posts
    i finished the event! 

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    current level: 62
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    daily player since october 2020
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  • Kaitlyn231Kaitlyn231 Registered Users, Member 194 Posts
    I wasn't chasing anything but I'm happy I at least got an item 😊.

  • FoxieLolaFoxieLola Registered Users, Member 649 Posts
    Guys, I am literally on the verge of crying again. I opened my game and my cat stepped on my ipad and slipped and accidentally bought this dog!!! My cat bought it with her paws!  With my hard saved kstars from daily videos and sys! I would be hysterical if i didnt have the ugliest weeks of my life these past two months and actually just cried my eyes out half an hour ago. 

    But you are free to lol at this 😂 

    Your dolls husband doesn't look impressed either haha

    On the bright side at least the dog will give you some energy every few hours and will always look happy to see you 🙂
  • periimiaperiimia Registered Users, Member 229 Posts
    edited April 2021
    Why re people so mean?What is the point saying a poc hairstyle “horrendous”?Don’t say anything about it if u don’t wanna start an argument.🤦🏻‍♀️Guys I think hairstyle is cute ☺️ I can’t use it but I wish I can gift it to a poc girl❤️
  • hanhanhanhanhanhan Registered Users, Member 153 Posts
    hanhanhan said:
    Clearly @MissCristina posted a nasty, offensive, and racist comment here which can also be seen as trying to start an argument. Will they be banned for breaking forum rules @KalindaKing @kokokokonut?
    It’s gonna get ignored and we will get a ban, not them. Mods have made it very clear about that when they banned Char.
    Oh absolutely. There is a trend here with racist dolls who get to continue being part of the forum without consequences, while dolls (particular POC, and most particularly Black dolls) who speak out against this are given warnings and banned from the forum. Its quite telling. Unsurprising but disappointing nonetheless.
  • iamkokoiamkoko Registered Users, Member 349 Posts
    I thought those were rollerblades. And we already have that bird in blue. We got gb hair like that recently and it’s horrendous. A little evil eye necklace would be nice, but this is terrible. They’ve been doing so well recently. Too bad. 
    Wow, it’s like no one ever learns anything. 1. Not horrendous. 2. Having more BIPOC hairstyles is great thing. 
  • NikarafNikaraf Registered Users, Member 1,994 Posts
    @KkhElena oh my! Your doll looks gorgeous with the GB hair 🤩
    Been actively playing since October 2020. 
    IOS free player / level 42
    Be kind to others 🤍
  • PrincessCDettePrincessCDette Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    Finished the event. Which makes me happy because I won't be getting the last SYS earnable.

    I'm a feminist, activist, fangirl, princess and a pet parent. Yes, a princess AND a feminist. The duality in my personality makes me great! 
    Android User off an on from 2014

  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 28,876 Posts
    📌The comment was removed. Please be respectful on the forum. In the future, please send us a DM which includes a link to the message you feel needs to be moderated.

    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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  • ashleyl23ashleyl23 Registered Users, Member 758 Posts

    Finally got the last earnable, and got the dress in my free box 💓😊
    Daily player ☀️ IOS 
    Add me on facebook! 💓
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 768 Posts
    @Nikaraf thank you sm🥰❤
  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Registered Users 1,510 Posts
    @FoxieLola yeah, I already love the dog, it’s so cute and always smiling ☺️ 

    Yesterday was a really rough day so I overreacted a bit and vent here, which normally i dont do. But now i find it hilarious how my cat managed to buy it in a matter of seconds lol 
    Vats has my heart. Forever. 💕

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