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first time customer questions....what are the 3 little crystal-looking items in the envelop?  what am I supposed to do with them??  there's no instruction/suggestion on the envelop.  secondly, I had an awful time getting the large vial of gardenia fragrance out of the box, only to see its not a reg perfume bottle that you can stand on your dresser!!!  that was disappointing to me also.  Not asking you to do anything about all this....just making my displeasure known!  my order # is KKWF622631.


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    i- ma’am this is a forum for the kim kardashian: hollywood game. if you need help with your kkw fragrance order, you can contact them through their website at kkwfragrance .com
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    Yea-This is the KKH forum hon😜
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    I...🤣🤣🤣 This made me giggle 🤭
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