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  • ABGABG Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    What I think this game needs is speedups. Rather than 8 hour wait for a gig or spending 48 k-stars, there should be speedups which can be purchased, cash, kash or k-stars. That would make life so much easier. 
  • jwawawajwawawa Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    So another idea for the SYS - keep the tiers if you want, but what if everyone above a certain score gets all the prizes?? That could be a pretty legit solution for everyone! 🤔😊

    For example - 535 pts gets you all the earnable prizes (which is already difficult enough; most people are unable to reach these levels with only the free tickets). When it comes to the TS prizes, some people/bots are going CRAZY with tickets, which makes everyone else lose hope, give up, and get discouraged with the whole game. So what if everyone over 700 pts automatically is in a diamond ranking of their tier (a spot above 1st place) and everyone in that rank gets all the top tier prizes (and maybe some bonus kstars and diamonds; no bonus wearables). Everyone below that pt threshold is still in the regular ranking of 1st place through 30th or whatever. 

    Pros for GLU - you would still be able to get a ton of sales from current ticket buyers. Also, even more people will be more likely to buy tickets since they're competing with people on their point level, rather than That Doll with 8k points.

    Pros for us - more people are able to recieve more prizes, people feel good about playing and get less discouraged and therefore have more fun/continue playing.
  • _amirah_amirah Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    remove the DYES FROM KOLLECTIONS AND BOXES!! just spent 5 diams, im broke that so was all of them, on the pride box and I GOT DYE.
  • esmeraldaaesmeraldaa Registered Users, Member 97 Posts
    Also ! Make a special box dedicated to sys clothes ! Or even make them available for diamonds😀
  • nnnooynnnooy Registered Users, Member 163 Posts
    Let us have a diamond business, it's really not fair that we have boxes, clothes and kollections that we need to pay with diamonds and we don't have a better way to earn them and the only way is from the sys or buying them. 
    You can change the so chic stores to diamonds business or something or add a new cities with more stores... 

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  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,586 Posts
    -Asian eye presets for doll with makeup
    - a way to add makeup on without changing the eye shape, simply applying it onto the eyes rather than changing it
    I can’t add makeup onto my character without changing the shape of her eyes. I’m Asian and it doesn’t look like me when I add makeup but I want my doll to be able to become glam and wear makeup.
    You can change the eyeshadow color if the eyes are able to be customized. You don't have to change the shape to change the eyeshadow color.
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  • nnnooynnnooy Registered Users, Member 163 Posts
    @BooskiBabii i think she's taking about the eyes that comes with a makeup like that: 

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  • lucclucc Registered Users, Member 37 Posts
    Not sure if it has been already suggested, but it would be cool to see some mechanics in the “get this look” feature added, such as:

    - being able to return to the voting page after you enter the “get this look” page, both for we to be able to vote and to see the items from the other doll too;

    - being able to shop the available items from a female doll if you have a male doll or vice-verse, that would be pretty handy for auras/handhelds, once you’d have more chances to spot an item if you see it on both male and female dolls.
  • caitlinxsjcaitlinxsj Registered Users, Member 104 Posts
    Being able to trade things with other people or for diamonds/kstars would be great, I have so many POC hairstyles I can’t wear, and eye makeup that doesn’t suit my doll but I’ve seen other people desperately searching for, it would be so great to trade things
  • AndieKKHAndieKKH Registered Users, Member 35 Posts

    Can we have a “wishlist” option added? Often I see things while voting I would love to purchase but I don’t have the funds to and when I finally do, I have hard time finding them again. If we have a “add to wishlist” button for things we want to buy that we could go back to at anytime it would be so helpful. This wishlist feature should work anywhere in the game, meaning you can add items your friends are wearing, items from squad members look books, items in closet, items in voting booth etc

    Can we also be able to shop all of our friends look books and not just the members in our squad? It would make finding items to purchase a lot easier 

  • AndieKKHAndieKKH Registered Users, Member 35 Posts

    Can we have a built in “encyclopedia” that tells the user where an item is from and when it will be made available? A lot of times while voting I come across things I am really interested in buying but I see “this item is unavailable” with no further explanation, I would like to maybe click it and see “this item is from a past SYS and will be available for purchase in 8 months, would you like to add it to your wishlist (and get alerts once it’s available for purchase)?” Or “This item is from a diamond Kollection” etc

  • LindsayRoseLindsayRose Registered Users, Member 187 Posts
    may i suggest that Glu actually listens to our suggestions? lol 

    once again we have another update that doesn’t address anything we’ve asked for 🙃
  • matildesntmatildesnt Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    I would do SYS events with no extra tickets and fair votes. Then, when you reach like the 3rd place but you want the hairstyle so bad, you could actually buy it with real money. The game would be so fun and fair and at the same time Glu would actually make tons of money. It’s an instinctive purchase, so many people would buy dresses/hair… and , for example, when you don’t win anything you can buy the whole bundle for 9$ or something like that. I would like a SYS event in this way.
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  • AndieKKHAndieKKH Registered Users, Member 35 Posts

    Can you make everything more affordable? Not everyone is playing with the US Dollar, and not everyone plays from a western country. People enjoy playing the game from all around the world, but asking for the same amount of money in their countries currency equivalence is a bigger deal to spend when you are outside of the west.

     I think it will be more fun of there were more legitimate opportunities to earn diamonds/k-stars/extra tickets like playing mini games instead of having to watch ads or do “free” offers which typically are not free and often predatory and request for your personal information and then harass you every single day. Ever since I put my information in some of these Websites I have been harassed with 100+ calls on a daily basis and countless spam text messages I can’t seem to figure out how to make stop. Some mini game ideas could be taking care of pets, working in your design studio, playing puzzles etc. 

  • AndieKKHAndieKKH Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    Can we have more free natural looking full lips? Just natural full lips in general, even if you have to buy them with kstars in the closet. A lot of the fuller lips in the game have a “botched lip injections” vibe. I would love to convey naturally full lips in the game instead of having to use the badly over filled lips. 
  • ranmagirlranmagirl Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Im sorry if its not correct thread but hope u guys/girls sign this petition for having glu ressurrect bit of male doll items/outfits. 
    I have other petition to do in future based on every doll in game. Hope u guys can help me out by signing this one to reach glu. Thank you.,public_profile&denied_scopes=&signed_request=kGGh_IMDjHrVnP24FvqCeTMxCM6OHLZdEmdZ5jLHwkE.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&graph_domain=facebook&access_token=EAAAAC9Vg0kQBAG3kHjiRXnGMU5aqO6A0wxnJQ6YvZCcpSdcZCaIzJekVZCOmrEMLljWoCMEsI8lww6MQYWwhfTfUg5ElpwLZCZCSiaipMXZA8ZAeerTaEMdNiBcyUYgZCse2e5VMsYW6dxiWUPV8j66w2J8wSupl6VBGyS9QZBsqbphm8KGUlhixZBqh3azcPMmW0YXvQqZBnFCO5pX4Vrg44MizxPYFzftaPcZD&data_access_expiration_time=1630596414&expires_in=5183966&

  • AndieKKHAndieKKH Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    Can every user receive a free complimentary 100 k-stars to kick off the kimiversary celebrations just because we are awesome for spending a lot of money, time and energy into this game? it would be a really nice gesture. 
  • jwawawajwawawa Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    AndieKKH said:
    Can every user receive a free complimentary 100 k-stars to kick off the kimiversary celebrations just because we are awesome for spending a lot of money, time and energy into this game? it would be a really nice gesture. 
    That would be amazing!! 100 sounds like such a huge number, but realistically it can only get us one or two things so thats actually pretty reasonable as a once per year thank you gift.
  • chstevensonjrchstevensonjr Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    • subscriptions should be updated to include gems/diamonds 
  • morganngabriellemorganngabrielle Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    Campus Cutie SYS made me think of this but can we please get a cheerleading outfit with handheld pom poms?

    a basketball or something would be cool as well
  • apesmcnielapesmcniel Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    STOP PUTTING DYES IN EVERY SINGLE BOX. Nothing makes me angrier than paying 5 diamonds for a bunch of dyes I don't want or earning an event box and getting 3 dyes I don't want. If I want dyes I will get them. Stoooooooop
  • pizzagurlyumpizzagurlyum Registered Users, Member 335 Posts
    can we please have these lips but WITHOUT that blue in the middle? 
  • matildesntmatildesnt Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    Remove Karl Lagerfeld from the VIPs. It’s creepy now since he’s sadly passed away
    Italian gal from Tuscany 🇮🇹 Philosophy Student 👩‍🎓 I love the Kar-Jenner squad ❤️
  • NaniSixNaniSix Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
    Some suggestions:
    - When we access the “Get This Look” or a squad member lookbook, our appearance is completely changed. Let us see one item per time. I want to see how item X looks on MY doll.
    - Let players choose between a POC hairstyle and a non-POC one. The same way POC dolls deserve representation, other dolls deserve to win a new hairstyle too. Let’s include and respect everyone!
    - Talking about hairstyles, let us trade them. If I have a hair and I’ll never use it, I would like to trade with someone who really wants it. Then, this person would give me something that I like. It’s easy and simple.
    - Cut the price of diamond items. 50 diamonds for an eye shape? This is more than two months of saving. It’s an absurd.
    - Let us gift our squad in every single purchase, including fashion goals, tickets and triple threat.
    - Fix the rigged votes. Yes, we’re pretty aware they’re rigged. Glu may ignore us, but we’ll not ignore the fact that SYS is a big scam. There are people filing complaints against Glu for scam and gamble, and honestly, they’re not wrong.
    - Fix diamonds boxes. Once again, we’re dealing with a massive scam and gamble. First, most boxes are filled with 12 dyes. 10 dyes = 1 diamond. How 12 dyes = 5? And second, we already gamble a lot. Daily boxes, squad boxes, kollections, GB, event boxes, diamond boxes. KKH is a fashion game, however, we gamble everyday.
    - Adjust VIP. I would love to sign for VIP, but taking in count that diamonds worth more than k-stars today, I won’t subscribe to something that’ll grant me k-stars (only). And i'm not talking about adjusting the price, but the prizes.
    - Adjust prices per country. Why a triple threat for me equals a whole meal and for someone else equals a single bubblegum? 
    Glu/EA is a massive game company and players are aware of how lucrative all these methods are, but they’re not appealing at all. I don’t feel like opening boxes without knowing that I’m definitely gaining a good prize, so, I’ll never open. It’s simple and easy. Players are being treated really poorly everywhere. Inside the forum, inside the game, inside other social medias. We’re supporting the game financially by watching ads, making small or big purchases, showing our gameplays online and increasing the number of players. We’re all important here and we deserve to be treated like humans and not objects. Being hungry for money may give Glu an amazing outcome for a certain time, but it’s impossible to maintain this outcome when players are getting frustrated. Stop adding things we didn’t ask for and start fixing things we’re asking for years.
  • JulietaJulieta Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    edited June 22
    A recommendation that I would like you to implement to improve the experience of the game, would be to add a section where you can save items from the store that I would like to buy but I do not have enough money, and so in the future I already have what I want to buy saved. 
    Thank you very much! 
  • DelumeDelume Registered Users, Member 120 Posts
    This is a good idea, especially for when sales are coming it'd be nice to save items you wanna buy. I can't even remember what I wanted when I went through the list like a month ago
  • haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 399 Posts
    Are y’all ever gonna let us stack 3 tickets? Like seriously 
  • kkhskaikkhskai Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
  • RhienneRhienne Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    The forum is really low tech, very laggy, and terrible on mobile phones? Why? Can it please be brought into 2021. Thanks 
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