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@KalindaKing Please read this and share it with glu 

Hey, so first of all i would like to give credits to @KkhAngelica for coming up with this. I was looking through forums and i saw what she’s said and i think it is a great idea and i want to bring it to life. The idea was getting 5 (or more pls😏) daily videos that we can watch for earn diamonds because diamonds are extremely rare to get, and we only get them for the sys so 6 a week plus we don’t always do each sys. Also it could be a way for glu to PARTLY make up for what they did with the body contour and highlight, false advertising of diamonds boxes, NOT having people have the sale which is absurd, and several more things. But if you wanna keep the diamond boxes a scam atleast let us get 5+ a day. Glu you have got a lot of making up to do and this would be a GREAT start. Don’t let us down! 

(yes i did use clickbait for the title but if i say it’s a suggestion they wouldn’t open so i did what i had to do, i couldn’t think of anything better lol)


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