🗳️♋SYS 7/5/21 SYS - Cancer Star Sign♋🗳️



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    Julia88Julia88 Registered Users 123 Posts
    edited July 2021
    Julia88 said:
    My OCD is triggered by changing the event name from “season” to “star sign”
    I'm sorry to be that person, but OCD is a real illness that people seriously struggle with including me. So if you don't really have OCD could you please not use it as a joke? 
    @Julia88 well lucky for you, I have been diagnosed with OCD. I do not see how that statement read as a joke for you. I’m really tired of people being so easily offended by things, that they assume an honest statement is actually me being insensitive. 
    I don't see how that would be lucky for me, I'm not offended just genuinely tired of people using OCD as a synonym to "this slightly bothers me" because that makes light of the serious illness. I apologize for assuming you were joking. I meant no hard feelings anyway. I shouldn't have @ at you, because I meant it more for everyone 
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    ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    @Julia88 I understand. I feel the same way when people use the term “anxiety” so loosely. Thank you for apologizing 😊
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    kkhskaikkhskai Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
    Is it just me who has no idea what type of outfits to submit for this sys? 😭
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    nastazianastazia Registered Users, Member 123 Posts
    @kkhskai ikr I feel the same about all the other star sign sys. I’m just gonna go with some mermaid vibes based on the earnables 
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    FrancescahillFrancescahill Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    at least we get to use all the mermaid stuff we have 🤷‍♀️
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    BellbottomBellbottom Registered Users, Member 184 Posts
    I am really confused about this SYS . Can someone please post some outfit inspo.
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    ChqrlotteChqrlotte Registered Users 832 Posts

    Heres the call☺️
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    FaeFae Registered Users, Member 896 Posts
    Aw, I was kind of excited for orange crab theme. 😔
    I don’t think I have much blue at all. 
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    moriacasanmoriacasan Registered Users, Member 207 Posts
    i love the earnable dress and the TS dress! even tho i don't think i can't reach for either 😧 anyone have some inspo? idk what would look good in this SYS i was thinking maybe beach dresses in orange/red tones?
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    DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    I don't have that much blue dye saved up but I already used all of the shades on different clothes and accessories anyway. I had enough to dye that small veil I got during the sale with the sapphire and turquoise. 
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    tofutanvikkhtofutanvikkh Registered Users, Member 103 Posts
    Ok so, idk where else to ask this but, I’ve seen a few people including myself ask about this possible discord and have gotten no reply from the people who seem to be in it. Is the discord supposed to be some closely guarded secret...? Cause it ain’t being guarded very well. 
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    AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,664 Posts
    @kkhsam I love your looks 😍
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    kkhsamkkhsam Registered Users, Member 242 Posts
    @kkhsam I love your looks 😍
    Thanks babe! You’re too kind 💖
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    DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    I wouldn't know how to choose the new Willow look. I could go with either. 
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    alexandramanolialexandramanoli Registered Users, Member 374 Posts
    I feel like this recent Love Event hair is the perfect mermaid-esq look. I love it, so glad I carried on to get it😍
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    m1lk_jpgm1lk_jpg Registered Users, Member 109 Posts
    I love the look on the right, because it's a simple yet chic outfit (that I'm hoping would be added to the kloset for us to buy) and it keeps the same color her old skirt used to have so it still has heavy willow vibes. I do prefer the hair on the right for her, tho. Also, we already have a female villain that dresses in badass black clothes (crystal fletcher) so it would seem a little boring to have the two main villains be dressed up so similarly, imo.
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    Turelly56Turelly56 Registered Users, Member 75 Posts

    The Details!
    SYS  - Cancer Star Sign!
    Starts Monday, July 5th @ 10am Eastern
    Ends Thursday, July 8t=th @ 10am Eastern
    13 Free Tickets
    2 to Start / 1 every 6 hours
    535 pts wins all the earners
    Trendsetters based on Level and Rank
    Good Luck and Have Fun!

    If kokokokonut is right about only 535 — AND NOT 575 points in this next SYS then IM GUARANTEED that last earnable!! 
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    briana72briana72 Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    happy belated birthday! @briana72
    thank you!!
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