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Hi all!  Now that kimiversary has come to an end, I’m considering businesses to buy for August’s VIP weekend. I already have so chic London and Hampton’s, as well as the ice bar. From what I’ve seen, it seems like it would be smart to fully furnish the ice bar for 60 stars, buy so Chic SD and fully furnish for 50 stars, and buy chevier paris and fully furnish for 140 stars. Does anyone have any other recommendations?


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    The ski resort in St Moritz and the hairdressers in Brooklyn. With the resort you get called once in a while to make a decision which can increase or decrease your resort's rating, or get called in for a quick 3h gig. With full furnishings it'll give you 2-5kstars weekly (but it takes a while to increase the rating).
    With the hairdressers in Brooklyn you can come in daily to help customers make decisions about their hairstyle. After you make 10 customers happy within a week you'll get 3 kstars (if its fully furnished). Hope this helps! 
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    I really like the ski resort in st. Moritz
    Once it's fully furnished you barely have to do anything to get k stars every week. You get some calls where you have to make some decisions to 'improve your brand' and sometimes you have to do a 3 hour appearance, but you can earn up to 5 k stars and 7500 cash every week. One of my faves!
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    Hi and welcome.  You should check out the business info here.   Hope the Business fact sheet helps.  :)  Personally I love the Ice Club, the Ski Slope, but my fave business is the Paris Fashioin House Chevier.  Best ever IMO> :)
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