🛍️KK:H VIP Weekend Event 7/9/21 - Shop Til You Drop! 🛍️



  • jalapenojalapeno Registered Users, Member 833 Posts
    Can anyone that’s gotten the dress please dye it? I want to see if it’s worth getting it! 💜 
    Which one ??
  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 1,853 Posts
    jalapeno said:
    Can anyone that’s gotten the dress please dye it? I want to see if it’s worth getting it! 💜 
    Which one ??
    @jalapeno The earnable one 
  • jalapenojalapeno Registered Users, Member 833 Posts
    I chose to go for the Kimiversary boxes! Here is the result:

    And I got the only thing I wanted from the free gift box 😍:

    Here is everything I got:

    I am done with this event. ✨ I am a little sad that I finished it so early 😂😂
    Could you show the dress in all the dyes?
  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 1,853 Posts
    edited July 9

    @KkhAngelica gold, black and yelllow dyes the best. Pretty solid in other dyes too. 
    Ty! 💜 @TrashleyKKH
  • emmymemmym Registered Users, Member 436 Posts
    edited July 9

    I have the worst luck spent 600 stars in boxes and didn’t even get the dress 😟( i was only planning on spending like 300 i didn’t want the hair for 600 ☹️)
  • juIiajuIia Registered Users, Member 41 Posts

    i bought a box and got energy but then i got the dress in my free box which is the only thing i really want 😍
  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,644 Posts
    I saved the Maya outfit so I could buy it today, but I still can't decide if I want it. I like the shirt, but really don't like the jacket. The shoes and stockings are okay. The hair is somewhat cute, but I don't think I would use it very often. I won't ever wear the glasses.

    Ugh! I hate not being able to make a decision without over thinking everything. What would y'all do if you thought like I do about each item?

    Agree... But it
    Like... Spend my stars elsewhere
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  • Chelsea123Chelsea123 New Member Registered Users 1,786 Posts

    Bought a New pet in one of my houses.
    Got the hair in my free box.

    I'm done now🤗
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  • Joey_KKHJoey_KKH Registered Users, Member 161 Posts
    Couldn't resist the dress, it's very pretty! I took 4 spins on a collection and opened 2 more GB after the free one (I didn't get any of the items unfortunately) and the last 10 kstars left to get the dress went on the pose with the handheld in the photo booth. 
    I stopped at the dress because I think that the hair is very similar to others we already have in the closet. Now back to getting those kstars back!  :D 

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 791 Posts
    Im really happy with my picks! I got the weekend bag in a free box, got the compact and opened one Kim box for this amazing outfit 🌟🌟🌟

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  • MaedaeMaedae Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    edited July 9
    Well, I’ve just finished my spending for this vip weekend. I opened 3 gift boxes other than the free box (1 of them being black dyes 😶 and my free box was energy). I also opened 4 Kimiversary boxes. I’m currently trying to convince myself I don’t need the new fashion goal lol.

  • melissaf112melissaf112 Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    edited July 10
    I got the only thing that I wanted from this weekend event in my free box! I’m more then happy I didn’t have to spend extra k stars chasing the hair. 
  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 1,853 Posts
    What I got! ❤️ Now time to work my butt off to get my 330 kstars back doing gigs 😭
  • KKH_RenKKH_Ren Registered Users, Member 218 Posts
    edited July 9

    Got the hair on my free box which was the item I wanted the most so YAY! I wasn’t gonna go for the earnable dress but your dolls look so pretty it’s making me see it with new eyes 😞
  • violaviola Registered Users, Member 531 Posts
    The most look the same but love how this dress dyes in some colors  
    Now I want this dress. 😅😅 Already spent 275 kstars on Kimiversary boxes
  • violaviola Registered Users, Member 531 Posts

    I found this things. Very happy 🥰
  • ZverinaZverina Registered Users, Member 358 Posts

    I wanted the compact the most but I actually really really like the dress, I'm so happy with my pick 😍

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