🗳️🔁 SYS-TB 8/23/21 - Born to Be Wild (Again)! 🗳️



  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 1,464 Posts
    Last four looks.

    Silver box. The white hair 😭 so close.

    I play on iOS
  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,100 Posts
    edited August 26
    Votes are so rigged lol 😂 this doesn't deserve 43  

     I only needed 4 points, and didn't want more than 50.

    Android player, looking for in game friends. FB Dolores Wyatt 
  • josiejosiejosiejosie Registered Users, Member 59 Posts

    Not this again… look at my scores until I hit the infamous 60! 
  • josiejosiejosiejosie Registered Users, Member 59 Posts

    Not this again… look at my scores until I hit the infamous 60! 

  • Nik072898Nik072898 Registered Users, Member 49 Posts
    Got the box on my 12th look and got a really good palette

  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,625 Posts
    Looks 1-13 and a Bronze palette 🌺

    Finished at 520 points, maybe next time I'll get to the silver one 😊

  • tortortortor Registered Users, Member 618 Posts
    LindaVB said:
    LindaVB said:
    My looks 1-4:

    Doing okay.
    Looks 5-12:

    Took inspo for look 12 from @tortor , I absolutely loved it but the voters did not lol!
    Awww I’m sorry you didn’t have luck with it either. I appreciate your kind words!!! I did it in blue for my last look and it did a little better 

  • BenedettaKKHBenedettaKKH Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    All my looks so far.. not happy with last scores !



  • ShellydaliieShellydaliie Registered Users, Member 316 Posts
    Omg, I was doing really well near the end of this sys and my group was really nice. I submitted one of the four extra tickets that I already had and I came 1st.

    1st in gold, I'm shocked 😲.

    I got 636.

  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,209 Posts
    Lost a ticket, finished 12th and finally got my last item 🥳 
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • dinoqueen9dinoqueen9 Registered Users, Member 538 Posts
    edited August 26

    My earnable pick, then my two TS picks (got 10th in Gold)—pretty happy, the hair is mega cute and I LOVE the harley quinn dress!!
  • ShellydaliieShellydaliie Registered Users, Member 316 Posts
    My palette:
    Could've been better but tbh, idc I'm just delighted that I could get 1st. 
    I actually do like the hair though

  • rachelvrachelv Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    didn’t get the last silver box but managed to finish 2nd in silver 3! i was very happy until i saw my palette… the accessories are great but 3 dyes?? seriously?
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,625 Posts
    Got 5th place ✨

    Such a cute combo 🤍

  • BellbottomBellbottom Registered Users, Member 119 Posts
    I came first in silver 3 and see this is my pallet 😐🤦‍♀️ Glu should remove dyes .
    iOS player
    Played on and off since 2015 
    A feminist and an animal lover 
  • elle_babyelle_baby Registered Users, Member 68 Posts
    All the looks! 
    1 - 4
    5 - 8

    9 - 11

    I did not expect the last look to reach 50, as I styled it as simple as possible. Just wanted enough to get a silver box and level down. Ended 12th which is exactly what i wanted. Picked this braided ponytail 💓

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 718 Posts
    I got kicked to 8, had 3 item picks

    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 50 / iOS
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,056 Posts
    I scored very well this sys and I came 2nd 😊
    Lowest, highest and two favourites 

    I’m very happy with my picks overall (three items and dye). I finally picked this black dress ! It’s so pretty 💕 The necklace is cute but the hair looks a bit odd to me but at least it’s out of the way.

    iOS 😊
  • CCKKH2021CCKKH2021 Registered Users, Member 136 Posts
    Missed a ticket so just lost out on the final box 🥲. But I came first and got a decent pallet🥳:

    Here's how I styled three of my picks:

    Rose Squad🌹🥰
  • KaterinaKaterina Registered Users, Member 320 Posts
    May all your pallets be like mine, I have been DYING for that gown since ages I'm so happy I finally have it

    I communicate in memes
  • kiraraquelkiraraquel Registered Users, Member 216 Posts
    Everything posted out of order but these were my looks and my picks from the boxes. I wasn’t expecting to do well with this sys but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m really happy with all of my picks too. 
  • OxyOxy Registered Users, Member 90 Posts
    Well, my amazing 4th place in Gold became 10th between my last look and the end. From 4 boxes to 2. Very sad!

    But on the bright side, my palette didn't have dyes in it! I can't say they're my favourite items ever (would've liked the other dress and handbag more) but at least they're clothes! Yay for no dyes!

  • Madison101Madison101 Registered Users, Member 287 Posts
    I ended 10th in gold!  My scores were not that great this SYS lol, but I did get good picks from my boxes.  🙂

    Level 29
  • hayitsnatashahayitsnatasha Registered Users, Member 215 Posts

  • jellymimijellymimi Registered Users, Member 51 Posts
    does anyone have a picture with the available items in bronze/silver boxes? 
  • MsMKT86MsMKT86 Registered Users, Member 257 Posts
    I finished 15th in Gold (because I missed a ticket along the way) so I styled down and only got one silver box but I picked well!

    Fangirl, Intersectional Feminist, Activist, Writer (author, some would say). #YouDefineYou she/her 
    Android User from way back
  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 1,355 Posts
    Well at least I got 60 kstars 🤪
  • icedchaiteaicedchaitea Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    my highest scoring looks:

    my 3 silver boxes:

    sad i was three votes away from the last earnable box but happy i picked the orange bag 
  • PrincessCDettePrincessCDette Registered Users, Member 346 Posts
    edited August 26
    I got the silver box and pulled this cute hairstyleThen I finished in 7th and got 3 boxes, got 5 dye and 80 K-stars, not badEdited: Did the math wrong said 100 but it's 80🤦🏾‍♀️
    I'm a feminist, activist, fangirl, princess and a pet parent. Yes, a princess AND a feminist. The duality in my personality makes me great! 
    Android User off an on from 2014

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