How many fans do you need to get on the top 100?

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I’ve had the goal of joining the top 100 for weeks and even tho I try and try and grow my fans I can’t even make it to the top 130. I’m currently on level 25, have 106.6M fans and I’m pretty much stuck on #147 


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    Hi. You should go to the Help section located in the Help section of your game, or you can follow. This link.   It should explain all about number of fans and how to advance.  The number of fans needed for you depends on aspects of your game. And this section in help, gives advice on how to advance up the list.  
    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    you should try doing parties in you house they help you gain a lot of fans
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    If you click on your lil star it’ll say how many fans the people above you have!

    It’s weird, but 147 to 146 has this huge gap in fans which is bigger than any other gap. In my game too, and I’m assuming for everyone. Once you get past that jump, even if it takes a bit, it’ll go decently quickly!
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    I did all 3 comebacks + 1 name change and I'm currently sitting at n2.

    @geenellys in all social media.
    Blair Waldorf in game.

    Android (daily player⭐️)
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