🗳️♍SYS- 9/9/21 Virgo Season SYS ♍🗳️



  • lucianacostalucianacosta Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    i got the aura on my second try, and i don’t have any more diamonds left 

  • MackenzieHollisterMackenzieHollister Registered Users, Member 294 Posts

    Where are all the items? I only have 5 diamonds left. 😭
  • marir222marir222 New Member Registered Users 337 Posts
    got the aura on my last try !! 

    that’s for amateurs
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,056 Posts
    @KkhElena oh stop you’re too sweet ! 🥺💕 tysm 
    @watermelonsugarhigh aww thanks, I’m glad you said that ! Ethereal was what I was going for 😊💕
    iOS 😊
  • peachypinkpeachypink Registered Users, Member 282 Posts
    edited September 9
    First look I did like the call said. Second look was inspired by the diamond box items. That one did better. I forgot to SS but out of the 4 boxes I opened I only got one DB item which was the one I wanted most the aura. 

    Oh and number 1 in my group is already at 400 points.  🙃

    Played on and off since the beginning. 

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  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 648 Posts
    I allowed myself one box because I’m almost diamond poor and the dress wasn’t even in my pallet :(

    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
  • kiraraquelkiraraquel Registered Users, Member 216 Posts
    This is exactly why I don’t go for these boxes. It’s super rare that I actually get lucky enough to get an item. To only have two items in my box is ridiculous. Like, seriously stop putting dye in the boxes and make sure all 4 items are there. Is it really that hard to be fair???
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 731 Posts
    I got the aura so far!!!!
  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Registered Users, Member 225 Posts
    I’m happy I got the harp but really? Only two of the items in my palette? 🙃

    ✨ ios player
    ✨ english isn’t my first language
  • CariantheCarianthe Registered Users, Member 63 Posts

    Every SYS I think my scores can’t possibly get lower but here I am 🤡
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 731 Posts
    I want the dress and hair from the diamond box?
  • emmymemmym Registered Users, Member 436 Posts
    Carianthe said:

    Every SYS I think my scores can’t possibly get lower but here I am 🤡
    Oh my gosh rhe second look 😍
  • odalysflowersodalysflowers Registered Users, Member 107 Posts
    I’ve never spent my diamonds on Diamond Boxes, they’re too precious. I had 140 diamonds saved and now i have 95 😭💔 only really wanted the dress and the hair from the boxes but I kept chasing cause the hair was in my last box, now I completed the look 😂 

  • El_152El_152 Registered Users, Member 69 Posts
    edited September 10
    Bought three boxes and got 1 ticket + the dress and aura. Feeling super duper lucky after 8 boxes last week with dyes in 6 of them. Remove the dyes!!! 🌷

  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,100 Posts
    Sorry @pizzagurlyum I'm a Debbie downer about these boxes 😂 I hope you get what you want if you chase!

    Android player, looking for in game friends. FB Dolores Wyatt 
  • donyadonya Registered Users, Member 100 Posts
    my first palette and only one item was in it🤨
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  • pizzagurlyumpizzagurlyum Registered Users, Member 342 Posts
    Sorry @pizzagurlyum I'm a Debbie downer about these boxes 😂 I hope you get what you want if you chase!

    It's alright and thanks 🥰 I hope I can get the aura 
  • patiencebrodypatiencebrody Registered Users, Member 275 Posts

    Dont ever wanna think about how many diamonds it took 
  • ashyyyboobooashyyybooboo Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    I opened at least six different pallets and the dress was in none of them. An outrage. 
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