Collective wisdom on diamond spending

quietoffiquietoffi Registered Users, Member 78 Posts
Hi Dolls:

I've finally saved up enough diamonds to buy an aura, a dress or a hair style. Can an aura be used more than once in a SYS? Or do you have to dye the aura or unlock it using a video? I'm thinking it may be a better investment than a dress. Thank you!! 


  • AnjakkhAnjakkh Registered Users, Member 339 Posts
    You can use aura as many times as you want! You dont need to dye it or unlock it 
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  • quietoffiquietoffi Registered Users, Member 78 Posts
    Thank you Anjakkh! Aura it is!  :)
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 3,054 Posts
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    Agree. If you wanted too, you could use the same aura for every look in a SYS. But now that I have more than used to, I like to switch around if more than one works for the theme. 
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